Implant with porous microstructure and high strength biomaterial


Published: 11Oct2019

Invention 15148

Implant with porous microstructure and high strength biomaterial

An implant with tight control over mechanical properties necessary for bone replacement has been designed at McGill University.


Market Need

Some orthopedic and dental implants have an external coating or are made of a material that encourages bone ingrowth from the local bone tissue. However, these implants many not provide the strength required to replace bone tissue and are therefore not suitable for all applications. Similarly, the properties of these implants cannot be easily modified for specific patient requirements and design alteration is therefore difficult for some local bone tissues.

Technology Summary

This technology is an implant for orthopedic applications that is composed of porous biomaterial with a high load bearing strength. The topology, porosity, and pore size of the lattice-based cells can be tightly controlled to not only achieve properties that meet bone ingrowth requirements but can additionally be tailored to match the local mechanical properties of the host bone. The overall cost of the final product can also be reduced since the implant can be produced by additive manufacturing.

• Strong porous biomaterial especially suited for load bearing orthopedic applications
• Lattice-based cells that can be easily modified based on patient requirements

Patent Status

Filed EP, US, CA

Contact Information

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