Call to McGill Researchers: Complete survey on COVID-19 Diagnostics R&D


Published: 29May2020

The availability of reliable, rapid diagnostics is key to reopening our economies. Canada has an opportunity to take a leadership role in accelerating the development of these tests through a coordinated Canadian response. The goal is to support researchers to build networks and find collaborators/industry partners to advance their ideas to clinical trial and mass production. To that end, Dr. Mona Nemer and the Office of the Chief Science Advisor (OCSA) is creating an inventory of R&D activities for COVID-19 diagnostics in Canadian academic institutions.

They are asking university researchers to make voluntary, non-confidential disclosure of their R&D projects to help the OCSA support critical diagnostics activities and early identification of gaps. In the survey, researchers have the opportunity to ask for help with their R&D activities, for example to find industry partners or obtain essential samples and materials.

Link to survey on COVID-19 Diagnostics R&D (Deadline: Monday, June 1, 2020)

Please complete the survey so that the OCSA have as complete an inventory as possible of R&D activity across Canada. Only a single response per principal investigator is needed and the survey (also posted on CanCOVID) should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

For more information, please contact jean.saint-vil [at] (Jean Saint-Vil), Special Advisor to the Vice-Principal (Government and International Relations.

Contact Information

Jean Saint-Vil
jean.saint-vil [at]
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