Interdepartmental Honours Immunology Course Listing


Required Courses Course Title Credits
BIOL-200 F Molecular Biology 3
BIOL-201 W OR Cell Biology & Metabolism 3
BIOC-212 W Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Function 3
CHEM-212 F/W Organic Chemistry 1 4
CHEM-222 F/W/S Organic Chemistry 2 4
PHGY-209 F OR Mammalian Physiology 1 3
MIMM- 211 F Introductory Microbiology 3
MIMM-214 W Introductory Immunology: Elements of Immunity 3
BIOL-373 F OR Biometry 3
MATH-203 F/W OR Principles of Statistics 3
PSYC-204 F/W Introduction to Psychological Statistics 3

3 credits from the listing on eCalendar

ANAT-261 F Introduction to Dynamic Histology 4
BIOC-311 F Metabolic Biochemistry 3
BIOC-312 W Biochemistry of Macromolecules 3
MIMM-314 W Intermediate Immunology 3
PHGY-212 F* AND Introductory Physiology Lab 1 1
PHGY-213 W* AND Introductory Physiology Lab 2 1
BIOL-301 F/W* Cell & Molecular Laboratory 4

6 Credits from the listing on eCalendar

* These 6 credits of lab courses may be replaced with BIOC 220 W (Laboratory Methods in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 1, 3credits)  and BIOC 320 F (Laboratory Methods in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2, 3 credits) OR with MIMM 384 F (Molecular Microbiology Lab, 3 credits) and MIMM 385 W (Laboratory in Immunology, 3 credits)

MIMM-414 F Advanced Immunology 3
PHGY-419 D1 F Immunology Research Project 4.5
PHGY-419 D2 W Immunology Research Project 4.5
PHGY-513 F Cellular Immunology 3
BIOC-503 W OR Immunochemistry 3
MIMM-509 W OR Inflammatory Processes 3
PHGY-531W Topics in Applied Immunology 3

6 Credits from the listing on eCalendar