PHGY 396


Course Coordinator:

Dr. Ursula Stochaj
McIntyre Medical Building
Room 1115
Tel: (514) 398-2949
ursula.stochaj [at]

Please consult the course syllabus and approval form for details:

PDF icon PHGY 396 Course Syllabus

PDF icon PHGY 396 Research Project Approval Form

Please note: 

When submitting your PHGY 396 application make sure to also submit your most recent unofficial transcripts to the course coordinator.

Specific restrictions apply during the COVID-19 pandemic. See course syllabus document for details.

List of available supervisors:

Dr. Claire Brown (starting Fall 2021)

Dr. Nicolas Cermakian (starting Fall 2021)

Dr. Terry Hébert (starting Fall 2021)

Dr. Suresh Krishna

Dr. Arjun Krishnaswamy

Dr. Steve Lomber

Dr. Gergely Lukacs PDF icon Lukacs Lab Project Proposal

Dr. Satya Prakash

Dr. Edward Ruthazer

Dr. Ursula Stochaj PDF icon Stochaj Lab Project Proposal

Dr. John White 

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