Appplication process Inter-University Transfer (IUT including online)

Inter-University Transfer (IUT/AEHE including online)

The Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT) or Autorisation d'études hors établissement (AEHE) allows you to take one course or a full course load at another university in the province of Québec. During the term of your IUT you will pay McGill tuition. You can consider the following Québec universities when making your decision:

NOTE: Exchange, Special, Visiting or Freshman (U0) students are not eligible to apply.

Application deadlines:

AEHE-IUT Application Deadlines
Fall term August 15
Winter term December 15
Summer term April 15 (for May courses), May 15 (for June courses), June 15 (for July courses)


You must have a CGPA of 2.00 or greater.

Application Procedure:

Step 1: Read “McGill Students taking courses at other Quebec institutions”.

Step 2: Watch the short video on using the AEHE Interface.


  • Before submitting your AEHE/IUT application, you must have a McGill equivalency for the Quebec (host) university course. Access McGill’s Course Equivalency System to search or request an equivalency assessment. Please make sure to include Expired Decisions when you search the Course Equivalency System. If the course equivalency has expired you will need to submit a re-assessment. If there is no equivalency listed in the database you will need to submit a request.
  • If the host course has a direct equivalency in the database, you will need to enter it in the “Transfer Equivalent Activity” field of your AEHE/IUT application.
  • If the host course has a “level” equivalency in the database, i.e. POLI 3XX, you must leave the “Transfer Equivalent Activity” field blank and enter the equivalency in the “Student comments” field of your AEHE/IUT application.
  • Please note that you cannot make changes to your application once it is submitted.Therefore, if you make an error in your application, it will be refused and you will need to submit a new application.
  • Maximum of combined McGill and IUT course credits:
    • Refer to Faculty regulations under Course Load
    • 12 for Summer term
    • 15 for Fall and/or Winter term
  • Social Work students: you must first discuss your plans to take courses at another university with their Social Work program advisor.

Good to Know

Once your registration at the host university is successful, the narrative of “Inter-university Transfer” will be coded to your McGill record – usually be the end of the course add/drop period.

ONLINE COURSES: If you plan to take an online education course, please read the information under Transferring Credit, "Online Education Policy".

If you have a “HOLD” on your Minerva record, this may prevent the processing of your study away application. Contact Student Accounts (514-398-3900) or Service Point (514-398-7878) immediately to resolve any outstanding HOLDS.

Check your McGill email account regularly for important notices as this is our official means of communication during the application process and during your term away

Students who are taking one or more courses at another university during their term of graduation WILL NOT be eligible to graduate at the end of that final term. These students MUST select the NEXT available term of graduation.

Course must generate a final grade that can be recorded on the host university’s official transcript. Grades of C- or less, Pass (P) and Satisfactory (S) are not acceptable. The letter grade earned will take precedence over the corresponding numerical grades if both are indicated on the transcript. The grades earned at the host university will NOT appear on your McGill record and will NOT be calculated in your McGill CGPA.

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