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Teaching and Learning Services (TLS)

TLS has developed a series of workshops on remote teaching for all of McGill. They are aiming to have all instructors minimally attend the first two sessions. As such, we have arranged to have these two sessions tailored to our needs. The first of the series entitled “Planning for Remote Delivery 2.0 for Fall 2020” was presented as part of ISoN FacDev on June 5, 2020. The second workshop entitled “Designing Assessment for Remote Delivery for Fall 2020” was presented at ISoN FacDev on June 12, 2020. Links to the recorded sessions can be found at the top of the page. The slide handouts can be found under the section 'Useful links and information'.

To view and register for the rest of the workshops available in the series, click here.

Consultations: Faculty can also book TLS consultations for either individual or Unit/Program/group of courses—on a variety of topics, including remote teaching strategies and course set-up. You can use their webform or make requests directly: maggie.lattuca [at] (subject: ISoN%20Request%20for%20TLS%20Consultation, body: Dear%20Maggie%2C%0AI'm%20writing%20to%20request%20a%20consultation...%20(provide%20details%20of%20request))  or tls [at]

The TLS website offers a wide range of reference guides, webinars, tools and resources for teaching and learning remotely:

McGill IT Services and MedIT

McGill IT Services also provide tools and resources for working remotely. For immediate attention, you can also call them at: 514-398-3998.

If you are having problems with a McGill laptop, or are struggling with your home computer, you can contact MedIT by email at: help.medit [at] or by phone at: 514-398-2001.

Online Education Initiatives and Continuing Nursing Education Office

Part of the mandate of the Online Education Initiatives & Continuing Nursing Education (OEI & CNE) Office is to develop and deliver online university-level full academic programs in nursing. The first initiative undertaken by this office is the BNI Online program, set to launch in September 2021. Working closely with their TLS partners, they have acquired knowledge and experience in the development of online education. The OEI & CNE Office is happy to provide assistance through individual or group consultations, or can attend TLS sessions with you, or share any pertinent resources with you, all in the scope of helping you get things done in a timely manner.

Simply email Kate Logue, Curriculum Designer ( katherine.logue [at] ) or Annie Chevrier, Office Director, at: annie.chevrier2 [at], to ask your questions, or book a consultation.

ISoN Technology Committee (TechCom)

Mandated to “plan and support technology uptake among faculty, staff and students – to support excellence in teaching, learning research and administration…,” the TechCom has been on many ISoN members’ radar since mid-March. Always willing to share resources and information about remote teaching, they are available for one-on-one consultations related to technology use in remote teaching.

To book a consultation, email katherine.logue [at] or amanda.cervantes [at]

ISoN Administrative Support

The Academic Programs Office (APO) continues to provide assistance to faculty needing support with myCourses. To increase the amount of support the Course Secretary provides this summer and fall, additional administrative staff will be trained in myCourses. All requests should be directed via email at: coursesec.nursing [at]

To optimally use these administrative supports, faculty should prioritize tasks that are time-consuming, and that administrative staff can complete. Examples include:

  • Making quizzes in myCourses
  • Rendering videos and uploading onto myCourses (once faculty have completed the narration in PowerPoint)
  • Setting up gradebooks
  • Setting up discussions

This list of examples is not exhaustive.

Useful links and information

Contact us

Katherine Logue katherine.logue [at] 
Amanda Cervantes amanda.cervantes [at]
Oxana Kapoustina oxana.kapoustina [at]
Jodi Tuck jodi.tuck [at]
Amelie Samson amelie.samson [at]
Isabelle Di Salvo npadmin.nursing [at]


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