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Social Media at McGill

About the central social media channels 

McGill is active in several online communities and supports the participation of faculties, departments and other units on various platforms.

McGill's centrally-managed social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are carefully managed by the social media team in Institutional Communications to preserve the trust that we've established with our audiences.

We have an audience that expects an authentic, authoritative voice on news and general information about the University. The tone is often conversational, but confident, which is expected within a social medium.

Our audiences include:

Internal: students, faculty, staff

External: prospective students, alumni, journalists, government (municipal, provincial, federal, international), friends of the University, other academic communities and their members.

Through our stories and news on successes of the University community, or campus life, we are proud promoters of the community’s achievements, initiatives, and major University events.

We accept submissions for broadcasting items from the internal community on our social channels, but use our discretion on what we will publish and how it will be framed. Items must be suitable, of interest, and of importance to a majority or an important segment of our audience. The shared items will be framed and shared in our own “voice”. If not of wide appeal to our audience, we can direct you to the many unit, faculty or department social media platforms where items may be more suitable.

We never take a position or stance on any news about or affecting the University. Opinions may come from individuals in our community, but are never represented as the University, its faculty or its department voice. When we share an opinion of one of our community members, we indicate or tag it as an “Opinion".

Social Media Directory

To ensure that visitors to our social media sites can determine that the communities they are engaging with are legitimate McGill accounts, here is a social media directory (n.b. this list does not include labs, or student-run social media sites or groups).

If you are a McGill faculty or staff member who wishes to set up an official social media site for your department or faculty, please familiarize yourself with the Guidelines section and info.communications [at] (subject: Social%20Media%20request) (contact us) to request a listing and to request a McGill avatar.

Video publishing criteria:

If you have video content and want to share it on the McGill YouTube or podcasting channel, info.communications [at] (contact us).

The following conditions must be met for uploading or live-streaming to McGill’s YouTube account:

  1. The content is sponsored by a McGill Faculty or Department
  2. The content is of interest to a large segment of our general audience
  3. Audio and video files meet quality standards
  4. There are no copyrighted images, or media (including music)
  5. The content is not course-related
  6. Metadata text is provided

CER has the final determination whether content is to be included on our channel.

When submitting a video file for uploading to the channel, have a look at this guide for supplying us with the proper meta data to accompany the video.

If your video is more for an internal audience, consider using Video @ McGill.



Other questions? Please info.communications [at] (subject: Social%20media%20question) (contact us)!

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