In an emergency

It’s understandable that University communicators want to provide timely responses to their unit’s followers in the case of an emergency, however, best practice for Faculty/Department social media managers is to refer followers to the official response from Twitter via @mcgillu or from the McGill University Facebook page to ensure that only correct information is disseminated through the other University-affiliated accounts. Sharing information found online or not approved by the University may lead to false or confusing information reaching the community and spreading online. If you unintentionally post something online that is incorrect, correct it visibly and publicly as soon as possible. If you spot anything worrisome online while monitoring your account, let the Social Media team know. 

Any information on a situation being pushed out by the @mcgillu Twitter account or Facebook page originates with the Emergency Operations Centre and may be considered official public information.

Tweets and posts should be used verbatim from the main account (retweeted or directly quoted).

Remember to:

  • Stop tweeting regular news items and turn off any scheduled tweets.
  • Don’t retweet or share information from unofficial or unverified sources, including media.


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