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The Institutional Communications team, made up of the Internal Communications, Media Relations and Social Media units, reaches out to readers through the McGill Newsroom website, the McGill Reporter news site, the What’s New @ McGill newsletter, and social media. Many of these channels feature articles written by journalists and communicators at McGill.

The Media Relations unit works closely with journalists from around the world covering news and research. The team writes press releases related to significant research advances, fields a high volume of media inquiries, and much more. The team is intent on getting high-quality media coverage and puts great care into its dealing with the media on your behalf.

The Institutional Communications team uses its expertise to guide you by identifying the most effective ways to amplify your work. We make decisions about which channels are best suited based on several factors. For example:

  • What is new?
  • Who is the potential audience?
  • In the case of research, we consider the following factors:
    • Will it be of interest to a general audience?
    • Can it be made easily accessible?
    • Does it represent an important advance in a specific field?
    • Does it fall within the University’s research excellence themes?

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