2017-2018 Competition

Message from Dr. Hakim

This was a guiding principle I learned from my parents, one that was also emphasized during my medical studies at McGill University and subsequent medical training at the Royal Victoria Hospital of the MUHC. When it comes to patients’ health care, we should always try to do better – by innovating and creating new products, programs and procedures, or novel health care delivery models.

The vision behind the Hakim Family Innovation Prize is to promote and implement ideas, new processes or devices in health care that will have a tangible and meaningful impact on the patients entrusted to our care. I am deeply appreciative for every one of the more than 40 proposals we received for this inaugural event. The quality of the submissions and the enthusiasm for this competition from the applicants and from our distinguished judges has been nothing less than outstanding.

My hope is that the Hakim Family Innovation Prize will inspire all applicants and others across the Faculty and McGill to commit to innovation, because “we can always do better” for our patients.

MAY 2018

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