Maude Abbott, Haile T. Debas and Rosemary Wedderburn Brown Prizes

Maude Abbott, Haile T. Debas and Rosemary Wedderburn Brown

The McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has over the last several years presented Maude Abbott, Haile T. Debas and Rosemary Wedderburn Brown awards to deserving faculty members. These awards, named after distinguished alumni, were launched to celebrate exceptional contributions by faculty members to our tripartite mission of education, research and health care.

The Faculty committee overseeing these awards is currently revisiting each, including the associated criteria, to confirm whether they continue to support current strategic priorities and to update them, as needed. Once the review is completed, the Faculty will communicate any changes. and the website will be updated as well. Thank you for your patience.

Year Prize Given

Maude Abbott Prize

Haile T. Debas Prize

Rosemary Wedderburn Brown Prize

2023 Emily McDonald & Daniela F. Quail Nitika Pant Pai Laurence Roy
2022 Tamara Carver Samir Shaheen-Hussain Andrea Van Hulst
2021 Lisa Münter & Samara Zavalkoff Anita Brown-Johnson Noémie Auclair Ouellet
2020 Genevieve Bernard Pierre-Paul Tellier Matthew Hunt
2019 Claire Trottier Maria Natasha Rajah Keiko Shikako-Thomas
2018 Aliki Thomas Sherif Emil Argerie Tsimicalis
2017 Srividya Iyer Robert Carlin Nicole Li-Jessen
2016 Jill Baumgartner Kent Saylor Sara Ahmed
2015 Amira El-Messidi Madhukar Pai Philippe Archambault
2014 Julie St-Pierre Loydie Jerome-Majewska Sylvie Lambert
2013 Nitika Pai Jaswant Guzder Aparna Nadig
2012 Nada Jabado Saleem Razack & Makeda Semret  
2011 Maya Saleh    



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