2017-2018 Competition

The goal of the McGill Clinical Innovation Competition (CLIC) and Hakim Family Innovation Prize is to inspire innovative thinkers in the Faculty and McGill to imagine new devices, diagnostics, platforms, programs and processes that will improve health care, in Canada and globally. Our hope is to help bring the best ideas to life through our Clinical Innovation Program, where winners will have access to mentorship, networking and other support to commercialize and implement proposals. As demonstrated by the high number and excellence of the submissions we received, the innovative talent here is substantial.

Congratulations to all participants.

I take this opportunity to thank McGill alumnus Dr. Ray Hakim, whose vision led to the creation of the CLIC and Prize, as well as McGill Chair of Surgery Dr. Gerald Fried, for his invaluable expertise and insights, and Director of Innovation Dr. Jake Barralet, for his leadership and development of a strong mentorship network.

My profound thanks, as well, to our esteemed judges for your tremendous enthusiasm, expertise, time and support. Your involvement raises the CLIC to a very high standard that will ensure the most successful innovations to improve patient care.

Vice-Principal (Health Affairs)
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

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