Canadian Armed Forces pathway: Programme militaire d'études en médecine (PMEM)


Full time Canadian Armed Forces members who have a minimum of 1 year experience in the military can apply for a position through the military program for medical studies. Please indicate your intention to apply for a position, by sending an email to the attention of: [at]  

This program is financed by the Canadian Armed Forces and ensures the admission of francophone students to medical programs. The objective of the program is to increase the number of positions for francophone Family Medicine military students in the years ahead.

Students admitted via this cohort need to complete their medical studies and then complete Postgraduate medical training in Family Medicine.

The Programme militaire d’études en médecine (PMEM)

The (PMEM) is a partnership between the Canadian Armed Forces, the Government of Quebec and the 4 faculties of Medicine who offer medical training in French in Québec:

  1. McGill University (Campus Outaouais only)*
  2. Sherbrooke University
  3. University of Montreal
  4. Laval University

*Candidates admitted through the PMEM at McGill are placed only at Campus Outaouais; if admitted through the regular residency cohort, the usual campus selection process applies. Classroom and clinical instruction at Campus Outaouais is in French. The Canadian Armed Forces recommends candidates who are competent in French for this cohort.

Candidates must communicate their interest in applying directly through the Canadian Armed Forces before the application deadline of November 1st.

Please take note that members of the Canadian Reserve and non Canadian Armed Forces candidates are not admissible to apply to this program. These candidates can apply through our regular admission pathways.

Mandatory Identification

Candidates can decide to apply as a candidate of the programme militaire d’études en médecine (PMEM) or not.

If candidates do decide to apply through the (PMEM) cohort, they must identify themselves with the Office of Admissions of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences before November 1st and inform the Canadian Armed Forces of their intention to be considered in this category.

If candidates decide not to apply through this cohort, or should they forget to identify themselves with the Office of Admissions, their candidacy will be reviewed and evaluated as a Quebec resident or Canadian resident depending on their applicant profile.

Double candidature obligatory

To be considered in the programme militaire d’études en médecine (PMEM), candidates must first be evaluated as a Quebec resident or Canadian (non-QC) resident depending on their applicant profile.

Candidates must first fulfill this selection process that corresponds to their applicant category, ensure that they respect the requirements of their applicant category and familiarize themselves with the selection process.

Candidates can decide to not identify themselves as members of the regular Canadian Armed Forces and decide to apply only in the category they are initially admissible for.

Number of Positions

A maximum of 4 positions are available per year. These positions are shared between the 4 Quebec Universities: McGill University-(Campus Outaouais only)*, Sherbrooke University, University of Montreal and Laval University.

General & specific conditions of admission

  • Fulfill the general conditions of admission of the cohort and applicant profile
  • The language of instruction is French, please view the language policy of the Office of Admissions of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Final Selection

At the end of the selection process, successful candidates will be considered in the programme militaire d’études en médecine (PMEM), if they meet the following criteria:

  • Your name appears in the list of final selection in the category you are admissible for and your name appears on the waitlist, but NO other offer of admission for this category has been offered to you by June 30 of the year you submit your admission application.
  • Your name appears on the final selection list for the programme militaire d’études en médecine (PMEM).
  • Your name appears on the list of candidates the selection committee for the Canadian Armed Forces is ready to fund in the PMEM for the admission cycle you are submitting your application.

Application deadline to submit an admissions application

  • Please consult the application deadline for your applicant profile and cohort. Either Quebec resident or Canadian (non-QC) resident.



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