Climate-Smart Precision Livestock Farming: A Sustainable, Welfare-Focused, and Resilient Revolution

Monday, May 29, 2023 09:00to10:00
Centennial Centre 1-162, 21111 Lakeshore Road, St Anne de Bellevue, QC, H9X 3V9, CA

This presentation explores the transformative potential of data-driven precision systems in the livestock sector, focusing on opportunities and challenges in implementing Applied Informatics for Livestock Management. Interdisciplinary research, Precision Livestock Farming, and Big Data Management are reshaping traditional dairy, poultry and swine management while considering climate change and sustainability. Delve into the interplay between machine learning, predictive analysis, and cloud-based simulation tools as they revolutionize global agriculture. Discover how computer science, precision systems, and big data analytics contribute to climate-smart, controlled-environment food production, enhancing sustainability, animal welfare, and productivity in the agri-food industry. Using AI-enabled technologies and comprehensive data management, farmers can closely monitor livestock and make data-driven decisions for optimized farming practices. Decision support platforms and data analytical approaches help farmers and producers identify patterns in large datasets, improving operations and profitability while mitigating climate change impacts. The presentation also examines the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies, such as the metaverse, for simulating climate- controlled livestock environments and refining decision-making. Ethical considerations of precision livestock farming, emphasizing animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and climate resilience, are discussed, underlining the transformative potential of digital technologies and automation in the future of agriculture.

About the speaker

Suresh Neethirajan, PhD

Having earned his MSc and PhD in Biosystems Engineering from the University of Manitoba, he further enriched his expertise with a recent certificate in Applied Data Science from MIT in 2022. A seasoned academic with two NSERC postdoctoral fellowships under his belt, Dr. Neethirajan has bolstered his credentials through research engagements at esteemed institutions such as the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of USA and the National Food Research Institute of Japan. His impressive portfolio spans across Wageningen University & Research and the University of Guelph, where he served as an Associate Professor.

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