Research Strengths

McGill’s Faculty of Law has a strong international reputation for its highly distinctive, critical, and pluralist approach to legal research.

At McGill, law is seen as a social force with diverse origins and multiple forms, and as a foundational subject in the humanities and social sciences. Law should be understood in its relationship with a rich range of disciplines and perspectives including politics, philosophy, literature, sociology, economics, geography, history and cultural studies. Our unique transsystemic program, which approaches legal traditions in a dialogic and interactive fashion, provides an ideal platform through which to learn and understand the value of law, as well as the problems and the challenges facing law in an increasingly globalized world.

1. Dispute Resolution

2. Legal Pluralism and Human Rights

3. Legal Theory and Comparative Law

4. Public Policy

5. Business Law 

Labour Law and Employment Law


Bankruptcy Law

Technology and Law, including Artificial Intelligence


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