Research Impact

Prizes and Awards

Our Faculty members regularly see their research accomplishments recognized through numerous national and international prizes and awards. Below are some of the prizes and awards held by our researchers are listed below. See list of chair holders.

Advocatus Emeritus (Barreau du Québec)

  • Adelle Blackett (2014)
  • Daniel Boyer (2018)
  • François Crépeau (2014)
  • Fabien Gélinas (2017)
  • Pierre-Gabriel Jobin (2010)
  • Daniel Jutras (2014)
  • Lara Khoury (2019)
  • Robert Leckey (2021)
  • René Provost (2017)

Christine Tourigny Award of Merit, Barreau du Québec

  • Adelle Blackett (2014)

Global Young Academy

  • Robert Leckey (2014-2018)

International Academy of Comparative Law

Titular Members

  • Pierre-Gabriel Jobin
  • Lara Khoury
  • Lionel Smith

Elected Associate Members

  • Adelle Blackett
  • Madeleine Cantin-Cumyn
  • Helge Dedek
  • Vincent Forray
  • Daniel Jutras
  • Robert Leckey
  • Geneviève Saumier

Canada Research Chairs

  • Frédéric Mégret (2006)
  • Adelle Blackett (2016)
  • Aaron Mills (2019)

Canada Prize

  • Robert Leckey (2010)
  • H. Patrick Glenn (2002)

Killam Research Fellowships

  • Lionel Smith (2014-2016)
  • Stephen A. Smith (2008-2010)
  • H. Patrick Glenn (2002-2004)

Killam Prize

  • Roderick Macdonald (2007)

Massey Lectures

  • Payam Akhavan (2017)
  • Margaret Sommerville (2006)

Médaille du Barreau du Québec

  • Paul-André Crépeau (1990)

Médaille Paul-André Crépeau (CBA, Quebec section)

  • H. Patrick Glenn (2014)
  • Roderick Macdonald (2011)
  • Armand de Mestral (2006)
  • Geneviève Saumier (2016)

Mérite du Barreau du Québec

  • Daniel Jutras (2016)
  • Pierre-Gabriel Jobin (2010)

Order of Canada

  • François Crépeau

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

  • Daniel Jutras (2013)
  • Margaret Somerville (2013)
  • Adelle Blackett (2012)

Richard M. Buxbaum Prize for Teaching in Comparative Law

  • Kirsten Anker (Inaugural recipient, 2015)

Royal Society of Canada, Fellows

  • François Crépeau (2012)
  • René Provost (2019)
  • Colleen Sheppard (2016)
  • Margaret Somerville (1991)

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Research Prize

  • René Provost (2015)
  • Adelle Blackett (2016)


McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution

The McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution (MJDR) is a bilingual, peer-reviewed, student-run academic journal dedicated to the presentation and promotion of high quality scholarship in the fields of arbitration, mediation, facilitation, negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

McGill Journal of International Law & Legal Pluralism

Inter Gentes - McGill Journal of International Law & Legal Pluralism engages in critical dialogues and rethinks international law through the lens of legal pluralism. Given the law between States is changing into a law among peoples with plural and complex sources of normativity, this international, or transnational legal system, thrives on its diversity provided that its actors are actively engaged in dialogue. Inter Gentes contributes to this exchange by serving as an online global forum for the informed, plural, and collective redefinition of the law between peoples. Through its website, the Journal represents an innovative platform to discuss and debate articles in French, Spanish and English, rather than simply showcasing academic writing.

McGill Journal of Law and Health

The McGill Journal of Law and Health (MJLH) is a student-run, on-line endeavour. It is an interdisciplinary project consisting of a peer-reviewed anthology featuring scholarly contributions by renowned academics and practitioners alongside an organic on-line database—a resource of recent developments in the field of health law. Both components aim to inform the vital public debate surrounding health, public policy and ethics and to critically explore the nexus of health and law in a transsystemic framework. The MJLH is an open-access journal that is available on our website free of charge.

McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law

The issue of development, with its impact on environmental degradation and human rights, is of growing concern; yet there are few outlets for informed and focused commentary on these issues, particularly in Canada. In response to this void, students at the Faculty of Law of McGill University established the McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy in 2005. This student-run, peer-reviewed academic journal aims to provide a forum for critical analysis and cutting-edge commentary on the intersection between law, development, the environment, domestic and international economies, and society.

McGill Law Journal

The prestigious student-run McGill Law Journal’s articles are consistently cited in Supreme Court of Canada decisions, and the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation developed by Journal editors is the standard reference guide at a number of courts, law schools, and law journals in Canada.

Selection to the Journal is competitive - candidates are usually invited to apply after their first year of law school, with interviews taking place in early fall of second year. Students who are selected by the editorial board are required to make a two-year commitment, spending their first year as members of the junior board doing fact and footnote checking on manuscripts; in their second year, student can remain on the editorial board as senior members or run for executive management positions. All members of the Journal work with authors to develop their academic writing, and gain a broad, thorough knowledge of research and citation standards while being exposed to cutting-edge legal theory.

Graduate Student Theses

All theses are available for consultation at the Nahum Gelber Law Library. Some of the more recent theses can be consulted directly online through McGill eScholarship.

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