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Course Change Form

Use this form to:

- request a course change (add or drop) after the course change period has passed.

- request a course add for a course that needs special permission (ex: graduate level, Management, or Continuing Studies course)

- maximum one course add and/or course deletion per form

Disclaimer: Note that withdrawing from one or more courses during the semester – where applicable – may affect your government aid and/or McGill work-study eligibility.

For international students, it may also impact your immigration status and/or permission to work in Canada.

Please ensure that you are aware of any consequences related to this course withdrawal request: consult with Scholarships & Student Aid Office, International Student Services, and/or your Faculty Student Affairs Office, where relevant.

Please allow minimum 48 hours processing time during the regular term, and up to 5 days during the add/drop period or other peak periods.

You will be charged an administrative fee directly to your student account for each course change made after the end of the Course Change Deadline (Add/Drop Deadline).

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