Students with Dependants

The Faculty of law acknowledges that many students balance family obligations with their studies. The Faculty and the University offers a range of accommodations and support to assist students manage their family obligations and succeed in their legal studies.

Academic Assistance

A student is who is faced with a conflict between a responsibility in respect of pregnancy, or of care-giving responsibilities toward a dependant, and an academic obligation, may ask the University for academic accommodation in accordance with University guidelines. See McGill's Guidelines for the Academic Accommodation of Pregnant Students and Students Caring for Dependants [pdf] on the Student Rights and Responsibilities site.

Possible academic accommodations

Extensions & Deferrals

If you have a family obligation that may prohibit you from completing an evaluation, please [at] (contact the SAO) to inquire about an accommodation (e.g. extension). For more information, see the Academic Accommodations section of our website. You can also consult our page on Deferred and Supplemental Examinations.

Parental leave and obligations

A leave-of-absence may be requested from the Associate Dean (Academic). Appropriate documentation must be provided.

Student Affairs Office personnel are available to discuss program options and course selections in order to accommodate parental obligations and meet academic requirements.

University resources and services

Family Care

McGill University Family Care hub is designed to provide the whole McGill community, including students, and academic and non-academic staff with information about family care, from student parents to healthcare, from childcare to eldercare. Students can find out more about the program on their websiteYou can also follow them on Facebook.

The McGill family map

The McGill Family Map  is a Google Map created by PGSS that shows family friendly areas on and around campus. You can find out which buildings have change tables and which libraries have family tote bags with activities for children.


  • The SSMU Daycare Centre is a privately run, non-profit organization subsidized by the Québec Government and partly funded by McGill University undergraduate student fees. Parents pay only $7 per day. Located on the 2nd floor of the Brown Student Services Building, the SSMU Daycare offers full-time childcare to 32 children of the McGill community. Our children range in age from 18 months to 5 years—so your child can stay with us for your entire degree! Furthermore, the “Pouponniere des Petits Oursons” is a full-time nursery for infants 4 months to 18 months of age. First priority for Daycare and Nursery spaces goes to children of undergraduate students at McGill.
  • In operation since 1973, the McGill Childcare Centre, also known officially as the Centre de la Petite Enfance de McGill, serves 106 children#, ranging in age from four months to five years, of McGill students, staff and faculty.


McGill's Post-Graduate Students' Society has a babysitting list that is available to all students on campus. Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec PGSS.

Changing tables & nursing areas near and around the Faculty of Law

Changing tables

  • New Chancellor Day Hall: library ground floor washroom, 3rd and 6th floor universal washrooms, and women's washroom in the basement.
  • Stewart Biology Building: bathroom across from the Second Cup.
  • Thomson House: bathroom next door to breastfeeding room.

Nursing areas

  • Students are permitted to nurse anywhere, including in a classroom.
  • You will find a private nursing area in the basement of Old Chancellor Day Hall, in the student lounge, room 4.
  • Private nursing room: Thomson House has a space equipped with a nursing chair and electrical outlets, protected by a keycode lock, and is adjacent to a bathroom with a changing table. If you are pumping, you will need to make your own arrangements for refrigeration. For access to the room, inquire at the Thomson House bar or Room 401 (514-398-3756). For more information, contact the PGSS Family Care Caucus at familycare.pgss [at]
  • Si vous avez de la difficulté à trouver une chambre privée, veuillez communiquer avec [at]
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