Academic Advising and Support

Students are encouraged to seek academic advice and support from the SAO throughout their academic career at the Faculty of Law.

Academic advising appointments

There are times where talking with the Director or an Advisor can be helpful. You can book a 30-minute appointment with the following three advisors through the SAO's Microsoft Bookings page.

Nancy Czemmel (Director, Student Life & Learning):

  • Advising & student support
  • Academic accommodations
  • Part-time status
  • Late withdrawals
  • Financial assistance
  • Deadline extensions for term essays & other in-term work (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Leave of absence

Jinnie Park (Student Affairs Consultant):

  • Student advising & support (1L and 2L)
  • Exchanges & study away
  • Majors, minors, & major internships
  • Clerkships
  • Academic success & wellness program

Giosi Rota (Student Affairs Consultant):

  • Student advising & support (3L and 4L)
  • Registration & examinations
  • Graduation & degree audits
  • Prizes & scholarships
  • Mooting

For career-related questions, such as discussing career paths, or having your CV reviewed, head to the Faculty's Career Development Office.

Autres services étudiants à McGill

L’Université McGill offre tout un éventail de services pour favoriser un milieu accueillant. Parmi ces services, vous trouverez du counseling, de l’aide en santé mentale, du tutorat, des programmes de bourses d’études et d’aide financière étudiante, la Maison des premières nations, de même que les installations liées au sport et à l’exercice physique. Passez voir pour voir tous les services proposés.

Additional advising services include McGill's First-Year Office, McGill's Counselling Service, McGill’s Writing Centre, McGill’s Tutoring Service and McGill's Service Point. For more information on available services, read up on Academic Advising's Who’s Who.

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