Law Student Ambassadors Program

Photos of five students
Image by Lysanne Larose.
Some of the students who joined the 2017-2018 edition of the Ambassadors Program.

What is the Student Ambassador Program?

Two of our student ambassadors in 2007-2008

This program connects admitted and prospective candidates with current law students. Ambassadors are uniquely placed to tell applicants about the advantages of studying law at McGill. In fact, many of our current ambassadors were themselves welcomed to the Law community through this program.

Student Ambassadors are also invited to attend Alumni events and to participate in Homecoming or other semi-formal or formal functions.

  • See the list of current ambassadors on the main Law site.
  • Our Student Ambassador program is now a paid employment opportunity!

Why be an Ambassador?

As a student ambassador, you will have the opportunity to share your unique perspective with future McGill Law students. Your experience with the application and admissions processes, the transition to law studies, as well as your knowledge of what McGill’s unique program has to offer, is invaluable to prospective students.

You’ll also have a chance to meet and get to know some of the Faculty’s outstanding alumni who have gone on to build exceptional careers. For our alumni, sharing time with current students is a delightful way of revisiting their own time as students in the Faculty. Visit the Law Student Ambassadors page to see how this program is portrayed to the public. 

The program now pays ambassadors.

What do Student Ambassadors do?

As an Ambassador, you can:

1. Be a contact person

The Admissions Office regularly receives requests from candidates who wish to meet, speak to, or exchange emails with current McGill Law students. In such cases, the Admissions office will invite you to reach out to these candidates.

It would be helpful if you agreed to have your photo, first name and profile on our Admissions Student Ambassador page. In addition, each offer of admission sent to successful applicants includes a list of Student Ambassadors. This page and list provides information about all our Student Ambassadors, such as year in the program, pre-law education, experiences, interests, languages and contact information. Admitted candidates may send an email to the Student Ambassador email address and request to speak to a particular Ambassador on the list sent to admitted students or on the Student Ambassador webpage. In such cases, The Admissions Office will forward the message along to the Ambassador requested.

2. Conduct Faculty tours and class visits

Prospective students will sometimes request a faculty tour, and these are conducted by our Student Ambassadors. Tours can cover New and Old Chancellor Day Halls, classrooms, the Nahum Gelber Law Library, computer labs, the student lounge, and Thomson House. Student Ambassadors may also invite prospective students to sit in on a course, with permission from the professor.

3. Be present at McGill Open House

Once a year, the University opens its doors to the public. Prospective students visit the campus and speak with university representatives about various McGill programs. The Faculty of Law participates every year, and a number of our Student Ambassadors (about 10) are asked to be present to answer questions from prospective students.

4. Participate in the Faculty’s Recruitment Events

Admitted students are invited to visit the Faculty for a full day in early to mid-February. The day is designed to give candidates a sense of academic and social life at the Faculty. It includes a welcome from the Dean; presentations on various areas of law taught at the Faculty; a closed session with members of the LSA and student representatives; and faculty tours. The participation of a number of Student Ambassadors is required for lunch with prospective students and to conduct tours. Some Ambassadors are also involved in the planning of the day’s activities.

The Admissions Office hosts information sessions throughout the fall months that are open to the public. As a Student Ambassador, you might be asked to participate in one of these sessions.

5. Support Alumni Relations

Student Ambassadors will be invited to attend functions organized by University Advancement for McGill Law Alumni such as Homecoming each October, or various fundraising or development events. You may be asked to conduct faculty tours in connection with these events.

6. Contribuez au rayonnement de la Faculté auprès de la relève

D'une part, quand l’équipe des admissions visite votre alma mater (secondaire, cégep, université), nous aimerions que vous puissiez nous accompagner. D'autre part, nous voulons partager la présence de nos ambassadeurs et ambassadrices à toute activité impliquant des jeunes. Vous participez à un simulation des Nations Unies; jugez une compétition d'aéronautique; chantez lors d'une soirée levée de fonds? Dites-le-nous: peut-être pourrons-nous diffuser votre participation sur nos réseaux sociaux (une photo en action est toujours bienvenue)!

What types of questions will I get from prospective students?

Generally, questions revolve around the following subjects:

  • Admission requirements
  • Language requirements and Faculty policy of passive bilingualism
  • Student life at the Faculty and at McGill
  • Life in Montreal – where to live, etc.
  • Curricular options – internships, exchanges, minors, majors, etc.

If you are asked a question to which you don’t know the answer, you can always refer questions to the Admissions Office, or directly to the Assistant Dean.

How do I join the program?

  • Simply [at] (email the Admissions Coordinator) in the Law Admissions Office for information on how to apply!
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