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The Student Ambassador Program connects admitted and prospective candidates with current McGill Law students. Student ambassadors, only some of whom are featured on this page, are keen to share their perspectives with you. They can answer your questions, show you around the Faculty, and tell you more about the advantages of studying law at McGill. To contact our Student Ambassadors, admissions.law [at] mcgill.ca (send them an email).


Anne, 1L

AnneAcademic background: I completed my undergraduate studies at Western University, where I studied Political Science.

Bio: I am a proud Manitoban. Before law school, I worked in Canadian federal politics and with international and domestic human rights organizations. I have a keen interest in research and have recently worked with Western’s Institute for Earth and Space Exploration, focusing on the policy and legal implications of space resource utilization. In the faculty, I am working with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and as an Associate Editor for the McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Hobbies: I love to spend time outdoors, with my family and trying out new local restaurants.

Matthew, 2L

MatthewAcademic background: Prior to being admitted to the B.C.L./J.D. program, I attended Vanier College and completed a Diploma of College Studies (D.C.S.) in Social Sciences with a major in Law & Society; I graduated with honours in English and on the Dean's List. CEGEP allowed me to discover and learn more about the passions that drew me to law school.

Bio: Bio: I am a native Montrealer of Colombian and Greek heritage, and I am very proud of my multicultural upbringing. During law school, I have co-published two articles on the faculty's teaching of the civil law tradition and a podcast for the McGill Law Journal (M.L.J.) on Bill 96, and volunteered for the Law, Éducation, Connexion (L.É.X.) program and the Legal Information Clinic at McGill (L.I.C.M.). I am currently a member of the faculty's curriculum committee and a junior English editor for the M.L.J.. I am majoring in Commercial Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, and my areas of legal interest are sports law, entertainment law, corporate law, and alternative modes of dispute resolution (A.D.R.). 
Hobbies: I enjoy watching sports, cooking, working out, and learning new languages

Rébecca, 2L

RebeccaAcademic background: My name is Rébecca Brassard and I’m a 2L student. Before starting law school, I completed a BA in Political Science with an extended minor in Gender Studies at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in BC. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I was very active within the LGBTQ community and the Francophone community in BC, devoting much of my time outside of classes to community-building projects. A highlight of my undergrad experience was going on an exchange to Utrecht University in the Netherlands. 

Bio: I am French-Canadian and grew up in the Francophone community in BC. I love to hike and to explore the outdoors. In my spare time, I like to sew my own clothing, embroider, and walk around my new neighbourhood in Montréal. Outside of classes, I am a caseworker for the Legal Information Clinic and a legal researcher for the Association for the Rights of Household and Farm Workers. I am passionate about workers' rights and tenant organizing and want to pursue a career in union-side labour law.

Aaron, 3L

AaronAcademic background: I attended Marianopolis College, where I obtained a DEC in Commerce, in the Honours program. During my time there, I got involved in the student newspaper and Model UN, which piqued my interest in law.

Bio: Born in Montreal, I grew up in the West Island where I attended primary and secondary school in French. At the Faculty, I've had the opportunity to be involved in the Legal Information Clinic at McGill and the McGill Law Journal. I'm also currently completing a clerkship at the Superior Court of Québec. My academic interests are diverse and range from constitutional to corporate law. I'm happy to chat about Montreal, McGill, and everything else in between! 

Stephanie, 2L

StephanieAcademic background: I obtained a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) with a specialization in children’s health from McMaster University, where I was involved in student advocacy, clinical research and varsity athletics.

Bio: I was born in Mississauga and raised in its vibrant Francophone community. After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked for a year in communications and graphic design before beginning my legal studies at McGill. I have loved exploring Montréal, especially its incredible cafés.  At the faculty, I am involved with the Legal Information Clinic at McGill, the McGill Journal of Law and Health, the Law Students Association and McGill OutLaw. Outside of law school, I love to spend quality time with loved ones, sing, hike and listen to true crime podcasts.

Emily, 1L

EmilyAcademic background: I attended the University of Calgary, where I completed a Bachelor of Social Work. At McGill, I am completing the Joint BCL/JD and MSW program.

Bio: I grew up in Southern Alberta and British Columbia, completing most of my schooling in Calgary, AB. During my undergraduate education, I had the privilege of completing a semester exchange to Umeå University in Sweden, a social justice group study program in Mexico, and completing a research project with social work students in Hong Kong and the Philippines. After graduating, I worked as a social worker with children and families, which inspired me to pursue a law degree to enact systemic change. I am also a committee member at the Family Law Association of McGill (FLAM). When I am not studying or working, I am usually travelling the world or booking my next flight.

Xavier, 1L

XavierAcademic background: Après l'obtention de mon diplôme d'études collégiales en études internationales au Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, j'ai complété un baccalauréat en histoire à l'Université de Montréal. 

Bio: Je suis du Québec, de Montréal plus précisément. C'est ici que je m'implique, notamment en tant que moniteur bénévole dans un camp de vacances pour des jeunes provenant d'un quartier défavorisé. Dans le passé, j'ai occupé le poste de trésorier dans mes associations étudiantes au cégep et à l'université. À la faculté, je fais partie de l'exécutif du club de négociation, je suis très enthousiaste à l'idée d'accueillir des étudiants de partout au pays pour la compétition nationale. Sinon, j'aime bien marcher, discuter avec mes amis, jouer au hockey et écouter de la musique.

Jamie, 1L

JamieAcademic background: I attended Cegep at Dawson college, where I completed my DEC in the Social Sciences profile of Law, Society, and Justice. I continued my studies at Concordia University, where I completed my Bachelor’s of Arts with Distinction. Throughout my degree, I was a Dean’s list student in the Community, Public Affairs and Policy Major, with a minor in History. In Law,  I am active in the Jewish Law Students Association, the Law and Political Economy club, and a host of the McGill Law Journal 1L podcast team. 

Bio: J’ai grandi à Montréal, et dès un jeune âge, j’ai développé un intérêt pour la politique et une curiosité en ce qui concerne la fonction du gouvernement. Pendant deux étés, j’ai travaillé comme stagiaire pour un député fédéral, où mon rôle consistait à donner une voix aux minorités linguistiques ainsi qu’à différentes communautés culturelles et religieuses. En 2020, j’ai été élu comme commissaire pour la Commission Scolaire English Montréal, où je continue à me battre pour la préservation des droits linguistiques. De plus, je travaille actuellement pour le gouvernement fédéral à Innovation, Sciences, et Développement Canada, ainsi que pour l’organisation Youth For Youth comme directeur sur le conseil d’administration. 
Hobbies: I love exercise and being outside as much as I can. My favourite sports include: weightlifting, skiing, hiking and biking. When I exercise, I often listen to history podcasts. I am also a foodie with a sweet tooth, so I love to bake and to try out new restaurants.

Luther, 2L

LutherAcademic background: Before law school, I graduated from CEGEP de Maisonneuve in social sciences and psychology, while also completing a sport-study program in swimming

Bio: I was born and raised in Montréal, but my both my parents are originally from France. I love meeting new people and participating in student life, which led me to get involved in the LSA as VP Clubs. I've also had the chance to become co-president of the McGill Law Business Association and get involved with LEX outreach program. In my free time, I love discovering new restaurants, play volleyball and paint. 

Emma, 3L

EmmaAcademic background: After doing most of my education in French, I completed my DEC in Humanities at CEGEP St. Lawrence in Québec city. Très engagée au cégep j’ai fait partie de la majorité des clubs offert à St Lawrence. Je prévois compléter le programme en quatre ans comme je fais simultanément une mineure en développent international.  

Bio: I am originally from Lac-St-Jean but I’ve moved around quite a bit in my life. Je suis actuellement à ma troisième année dans le programme BCL/JD et j’ai des intérêts particulièrement vers le droit corporatif. I am always interested in learning more and being challenged, which is why I thought McGill Law was the perfect place to be, and it has not disappointed me. Cette année je ferai de la représentation étudiante au sein de la clinique juridique de McGill, un moot qui est un concours de plaidoiries, tout en travaillant pour un OBNL.  

Charlotte, 1L

CharlotteAcademic background: I hold a BA (Honours) from Simon Fraser University (SFU) in British Columbia. I completed an honours degree in Criminology, a major in Archaeology, and certificates in forensic science, liberal arts, and general criminology.

Bio: I am originally from Vancouver Island, BC, but I spent 4 years living in Burnaby and White Rock during my Undergraduate degree at SFU. My honours thesis, volunteer work, and education have been centred around wrongful convictions and forensic science. During my undergrad, I worked as a Research Assistant in SFU's Centre for Forensic Science in a Forensic Entomology Lab, assisting in research considering erroneous forensic science as a contributing cause to wrongful convictions. I currently work as a Lead Caseworker for Innocence McGill, the Fundraising Project Manager for the International Wrongful Conviction Day Committee (part of Innocence Canada), the Co-Founder and Outreach Director for the Wrongful Convictions Collective, and as a student volunteer at the UBC Innocence Project. My research interests include criminal procedure and evidence, forensic sciences, judicial gatekeeping, and wrongful convictions.  

Toby, 2L

TobyAcademic background: I am in my third degree at McGill! Previously, I received a Master of Urban Planning and a Bachelor of Arts with a double-major in Geography and Psychology. I have always loved the intersection of people and the environment. Before studying at McGill, I completed a DEC at Dawson College in Pure and Applied Science. After CEGEP, I decided to pivot away from the sciences into humanities. I believe what you study should align your interests and passions, something I have been fortunate enough to do through McGill. 

Bio: I am interested in exploring the intersection of law and the environment, and pursuing further my academic studies after the program. Outside of the Faculty, I love to travel. This last summer I was fortunate enough to visit friends and make others in Europe. I visited the Open in Scotland, spent 2 weeks in London, and visited Dubrovnik and the Netherlands. I enjoy staying active and outdoors: I am doing intramural soccer this fall, I ride my bike to school, and I love going on walks on Mt-Royal. I am also very interested in the human experience: I frequently do yoga, meditate, watch films and read books on spirituality and self-growth.

Chloe, 1L

ChloeAcademic background: Avant d'entreprendre mes études en droit, j'ai obtenu un baccalauréat en sciences politiques avec une mineure en droit et société à l'Université Concordia, suivi d'une maîtrise en relations internationales au King's College London, ainsi qu'une année en tant que consultante pour l'ONU. 

Bio: As an incoming 1L, I have been absolutely craving getting involved in the student life at the Faculty. During my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I took part in multiple executive positions in various student associations and journals – some would say I went a little overboard with my involvement on campus, but I believe these memorable experiences made all my hard work and hectic schedule worthwhile. This year at the Faculty, I am delighted to have the opportunity to volunteer as an intake officer for the Legal Information Clinic at McGill, and am very much looking forward to making lasting connections with my classmates and members of the Montreal community as the Vice-President of External Affairs for the McGill Law Negotiation Club. 

Nick, 4L

NicolasAcademic background: Undergraduate honours degree in Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Ottawa. During my studies, I worked in the House of Commons and was on the Board of the Association of Francophone Communities of Ottawa.

Bio: Born and raised in Halifax, I consider French and English my first languages. At McGill Law, I’ve had the opportunity to do a credited Human Rights Internship, a Legal Clinic Course with the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission, and an internship with Innocence Canada. I am currently clerking at the Court of Québec (Criminal Division) and doing the Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. I’m involved with McGill Law’s Wallenberg Advocacy Group as a Director and the Clinique juridique itinérante as a Caseworker. Upon graduation, I will be articling with the British Columbia Prosecution Service. 
Hobbies: I enjoy running, playing basketball, café-hopping, and exploring Montreal’s vibrant neighbourhoods.

Justine, 3L

JustineAcademic background: I completed my DEC at CÉGEP Trois-Rivières, in Sciences, Letters and Arts. This program gave me the opportunity to study different subjects in depth and to diversify my knowledge, both academic and general. 

Bio: If there is one thing I am passionate about is involvement in student life (and having a busy schedule). Since beginning my studies at McGill Law I've been a part of the Innocence Project, Criminal Law McGill, and L-E-X McGill. In my third year, I'm looking forward to working as VP Ongoing events on the LSA, being a part of the Gale Cup team and continuing my work in a commercial litigation firm here in Montreal. In my spare time, I love to cook and read!

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