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The Student Ambassador Program connects admitted and prospective candidates with current McGill Law students. Student ambassadors, only some of whom are featured on this page, are keen to share their perspectives with you. They can answer your questions, show you around the Faculty, and tell you more about the advantages of studying law at McGill. To contact our Student Ambassadors, admissions.law [at] mcgill.ca (send them an email).

Anne, 2L

AnneAcademic background: I completed my undergraduate studies at Western University, where I studied Political Science.

Bio: I am a proud Manitoban. Before law school, I worked in Canadian federal politics and with international and domestic human rights organizations. I have a keen interest in research and have recently worked with Western’s Institute for Earth and Space Exploration, focusing on the policy and legal implications of space resource utilization. In the faculty, I am working with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and as an Associate Editor for the McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Hobbies: I love to spend time outdoors, with my family and trying out new local restaurants.

Stephanie, 3L

StephanieAcademic background: I obtained a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) with a specialization in children’s health from McMaster University, where I was involved in student advocacy, clinical research, and varsity athletics.

Bio: I was born in Mississauga and raised in its vibrant Francophone community. After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked for a year in communications and graphic design before beginning my legal studies at McGill. I have loved exploring Montréal, especially its incredible cafés. At the faculty, I am involved with the Legal Information Clinic at McGill, the McGill Journal of Law and Health, the Law Students Association and McGill OutLaw. Outside of law school, I love to spend quality time with loved ones, sing, hike and listen to true crime podcasts.

Emily, 2L

EmilyAcademic background: I attended the University of Calgary, where I completed a Bachelor of Social Work. At McGill, I am completing the Joint BCL/JD and MSW program.

Bio: I grew up in Southern Alberta and British Columbia, completing most of my schooling in Calgary, AB. During my undergraduate education, I had the privilege of completing a semester exchange to Umeå University in Sweden, a social justice group study program in Mexico, and completing a research project with social work students in Hong Kong and the Philippines. After graduating, I worked as a social worker with children and families, which inspired me to pursue a law degree to enact systemic change. I am also a committee member at the Family Law Association of McGill (FLAM). When I am not studying or working, I am usually travelling the world or booking my next flight.

Emma, 4L

EmmaAcademic background: After doing most of my education in French, I completed my Diploma in College Studies (DEC) in Humanities at CEGEP St. Lawrence in Québec City. I've been involved in most of the clubs offered at St Lawrence. I plan to complete the program in four years, while simultaneously doing a minor in international development.

Bio: I am originally from Lac-St-Jean, but I’ve moved around quite a bit in my life. I'm currently in my third year of the BCL/JD program and I'm particularly interested in corporate law. I am always interested in learning more and being challenged, which is why I thought McGill Law was the perfect place to be, and it has not disappointed me. This year, I'll be representing students at the McGill Legal Clinic, a moot competition, while working for an NGO.

Charlotte, 2L

CharlotteAcademic background: I have a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University with a double major in Criminology and Archaeology, I also completed certificates in General Criminology, Forensic Science, and Liberal Arts. Additionally, I completed an honours (thesis based) in Criminology.

Bio: I am from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. My research and work have focused on wrongful convictions, forensic science, and criminal law. My undergraduate honours thesis was a mixed methods cross-national analysis of the causes of wrongful convictions with a focus on different forensic methods and governmental response in policy and inquiries. I worked as a research assistant in Simon Fraser's Centre for Forensic Research during my undergrad and volunteered at the UBC Innocence Project. For the last 3 years I have volunteered with the International Wrongful Conviction Day Committee as the fundraising project manager. After starting my law degree at McGill, I joined Innocence McGill and the Remote Kenya-Canada Legal Aid Clinic. I spent this past summer working at Innocence Canada.

Hobbies: In my spare time, I like to read mystery novels, go hiking, and play the daily Wordle and Mini!

Justine, 4L

JustineAcademic background : Before studying law, I obtained my Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in Arts, Humanities, and Sciences at Cégep de Trois-Rivières. This program gave me the opportunity to study different subjects in depth and to diversify my knowledge, both academic and general.

Bio: Originally from Manchester, UK, I grew up in Trois-Rivières before moving to Montreal for law school. My favorite way to spend my time is by being involved in our McGill Law community! This is my second year on the McGill LSA's executive team and third year as a part of McGill's criminal law club. During my years at McGill Law, I've had the chance to hone my advocacy skills through competitive mooting, help others develop their own advocacy skills by being a Tutorial leader, as well as make lifelong friends throughout my different experiences.

Hobbies: In my spare time I love to read and take long walks throughout the different Montreal neighborhoods to find the best cafes!

Olivia, 3L

OliviaAcademic Background: After completing my DEC at Dawson College in the Law, Justice, and Society program, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science and an Honours bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Concordia University. I plan to complete the BCL/JD program in three years.

Bio: Originally from the South Shore of Montreal, I was heavily involved in sports, playing varsity soccer for the Concordia Stingers, as well as competing in numerous national championships and playing semi-professional. After my athletic career, I dedicated my time to community involvement and joined various student organizations such as MSELA and MJSDL. Coming from a French-speaking family, I completed my university education in English. The opportunity to take courses in French at McGill's Faculty of Law was a key factor in my decision. I was looking for a vibrant and stimulating community, and that's exactly what I found at McGill. This year, I am a junior advocate at the McGill Legal information Clinic, as well as being a member of various committees and councils.

Yasmine, 2L

YasmineAcademic Background: Prior to McGill, I completed a DEC in General Social Science at Vanier College. I also obtained a certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies!

Bio: I am originally from Dallas, TX, but spent a great part of my childhood in Luxembourg and the UK before coming to Montréal. As a result, I’m highly interested in all things international. I’m currently a second-year student at the faculty, where I serve on Faculty Council and volunteer as a caseworker at McGill’s Legal Information Clinic. Outside of school, I love to travel (obviously), take long strolls while listening to music (so therapeutic), and read historical nonfiction books or watch the movie adaptation.

Marianne, 3L

MarianneAcademic Background: Before beginning my studies at McGill University's Faculty of Law, I obtained a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in Humanities from John Abbott College. Notably, I also received a certificate in Peace and Justice and a second certificate in Women's and Gender Studies. During my CEGEP, I participated in a semester student exchange at the Cégep de la Gaspésie and the Gaspé Islands. During my college years, I was also captain of the cross-country team at John Abbott College! I plan to complete my law degree in 4 years, while simultaneously studying for a minor in psychology.

Bio: I grew up in a francophone family in an anglophone West Island neighbourhood, which inspired my pursuit of bilingual legal education at McGill University. Passionate for hiking and the outdoors, I am a member of the McGill Outdoors Club. However, when I am not studying, I spend most of my time running, since I am a varsity athlete on the McGill cross-country and track and field teams. In 2L, I had the opportunity to be a caseworker at the McGill Legal Information Clinic and participate in the amazing CSQ-Juripop Moot Court Competition (Pro Bono Project). I am pursuing a career in criminal law, and I am particularly interested in the intersection of criminal law and mental health, which is why I am completing a minor in psychology. I also had the opportunity to get practical experience by completing my legal clinic internship at Resilience, a non-profit shelter and by completing my current clerkship at the Review Board for mental disorder of the Administrative Tribunal of Québec.

Emily, 3L

Emily ThomAcademic Background: Prior to McGill, I completed a DEC in Liberal Arts at John Abbott College. I am currently in 3L and plan on completing the BCL/JD program in 4 years. In CEGEP, I served as President of the student union and represented pre-university students on the College's Board of Governors.

Bio: I grew up in an anglophone community in the West Island of Montreal. As a teenager, I volunteered for my local Member of Parliament where I developed a passion for politics and justice which fueled my desire to study law. In 2L, I served as VP External of the Law Students' Association (LSA) and volunteered for the LEX Outreach Program. I have spent the past two summers of law school working in federal politics on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. I am currently a caseworker for the Centre for Research Action on Race Relations, a legal clinic that specializes in discrimination cases. I am also participating in the Jessup moot this year to learn more about public international law and to develop my advocacy skills. In my spare time, I play intramural soccer at McGill and like to hangout with friends!

Jessie, 3L

JessieAcademic Background: Prior to my studies in law, I completed my DEC in Health Sciences at Collège André-Grasset. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at McGill with a minor in entrepreneurship. I'm currently in the third year of my BCL/JD program, which I plan to complete in three and a half years.

Bio: Originally from Syria, I attended the Lycée Français in Aleppo before completing my studies in Montreal. My interest in law started during my entrepreneurship classes in undergrad, as I was interested in negotiations and copyright law. As a logical continuation, I am pursuing my interest for corporate law through work at a law firm. Aside from that, I love being involved in the community, as a volunteer at the Legal Information Clinic at McGill, as a Scout and as a tutor in middle school. I am also involved in student life, having been a student representative at the Faculty Council and as VP Communications in the Middle Eastern Law Student Association. I am also competing on behalf of McGill in the Sopinka Cup. On a more personal note, I am very interested in languages (I even learned Latin!), reading, traveling and crochet (I just started).

Shania, 2L

ShaniaAcademic background: Prior to McGill, I completed a DEC in Law and Civilization with mathematics from Champlain Regional College. In CEGEP, I was President of the student union, and I represented students on multiple committees, including the multicultural and anti-racism committee as well as the College's Board of Governors. I plan on graduating from McGill in 3.5 years.

Bio: I grew up in a francophone community on the South Shore of Montreal. Since high school, I’ve been involved in multiple committees aiming to promote equity and respect for marginalized individuals’ rights. As a 1L, I pursued similar social implications by helping victims of racial discrimination as a Pro Bono student volunteer and as a caseworker for the Legal Information Clinic at McGill (LICM). Today, I am 2L cohort president and I volunteer as a Student Advocate for the LICM. I am also an executive in the Women of Colour Collective as well as an Associate Editor for InterGentes. Outside of McGill, I work part-time for a personal injury law firm. Finally, during my free time, I love to watch movies and try new restaurants!

Navya, 2L

Academic background: I have a Bachelor of Commerce from Alberta School of Business which I completed as my undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta. My major was in Strategic Management and Organization, and I had a minor in Business Economics.

Bio: I am a current 2L at McGill but originally from Edmonton, Alberta. Prior to law, my undergraduate studies were focused on sustainable businesses and non-profit management. Throughout my degree, I got involved in various community-based initiatives pursuing gender equity in different sectors. I am passionate about exploring the intersection of law, business, and social impact. Since I began law school, I have been involved with the Women of Colour Collective as a 1L representative, the McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law as an Associate Editor in 1L and now as a Senior Editor and worked as a research assistant in transnational labour law. In my 1L summer I worked for the Alberta Ministry of Justice in Constitutional and Aboriginal Law. In my free time, I am on a dance team in Montreal, and I love exploring the city of Montreal. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions :)

Noura, 1L

NouraAcademic Background: Prior to beginning my studies at McGill University's Faculty of Law, I completed a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in Honours Health Science at John Abbott College. At CEGEP, I served on the undergraduate student government for the finance department and sang the national anthem for various ceremonies and graduations.

Bio: I grew up in Montreal and, since CEGEP, have been involved in the push for inclusivity in academic spaces. Most notably, I am the co-founder of a tech startup that aims to improve classroom communication for neurodivergent and hard of hearing students. At McGill, I am involved as VP Finance of the Middle Eastern Law Students’ Association, as a volunteer for LEX outreach, and as a member of the Tiny Tax Band. You can find me on the train (half asleep or reading for class), in the library or Atrium, or sipping matcha in one of my two comfort coffeeshops around campus – come say hi if you spot me, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Marie Annie, 1L

Marie Annie Édouard GuillemetteAcademic Background: Before studying at McGill University's Faculty of Law, I obtained a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in Humanities, International Profile with Enriched Mathematics at Collège André-Grasset.

Bio: Born in Haiti, Port-au-Prince, I grew up in Montreal. I am currently in my first year of law school and am interested in private international law. In the faculty, I am involved with the McGill International Law Society (MILS), Black Law Student Association (BLSAM) and the Innocence Project as a caseworker. I also volunteer in my community for other non-profit organizations, such as Amnesty International and Clinique Juridique de St-Michel (CJSM). I love listening to podcasts, trying out new restaurants and exploring Montreal! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! I look forward to hearing from you!

Julien, 1L

Julien BérubéAcademic Background : Before starting my studies at the Faculty of Law, I obtained a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in Human Sciences with a specialization in administration at Cégep Édouard-Montpetit in Longueuil.

Bio : Born in Montreal, I grew up in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Montérégie. Since arriving at McGill this fall, I've been involved as Vice-President Community in the Environmental Law Association, as well as in the McGill Legal Information Clinic (MLIC). Outside of my law studies, my other passions are politics and literature. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.

Max T., 2L

Max TouchetteAcademic Background: Prior to law school, I completed a bachelor's degree in conflict studies and human rights, as well as a master’s degree in public and international affairs, both from the University of Ottawa.

Bio: I'm a proud Franco-Ontarian from the National Capital Region in Ottawa. I had the good fortune to work on Parliament Hill for several years, both before and after my studies. While, completing my M.A., I had the pleasure of working at the Privy Council Office of Canada on issues of international affairs. I've found a new family at McGill Law, and I'm looking forward to sharing any insight which may be useful as you embark on your next chapter!

Max L., 2L

MaxAcademic Background: Prior to law school, I completed my Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Ottawa in International Development and Globalization.

Bio: I am a 2L student who is originally from Waterloo, Ontario. Between my degrees, I spent a year working for the Federal Public Service in the field of Indigenous Consultation. I also volunteer at the Legal Information Clinic at McGill and play on the Faculty Volleyball team. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, hiking, playing squash, listening to music, and watching Formula 1. I am looking forward to answering any questions you have to help you get started on your journey at McGill Law.


NicholasAcademic Background: Prior to beginning my studies at the McGill Faculty of Law, I completed a DEC in Arts & Sciences at Marianopolis College, and an Honours BA with Great Distinction in Liberal Arts from Concordia University. For a year, I was also a law student at the Université de Montréal's Faculty of Law.

Bio : I’m a first year student at the Faculty of Law, born and raised in Montreal. I am an avid reader and student of literature, philosophy, and history. In my spare time, I can be found listening to music or long-form podcasts while strolling around the mountain, studying languages for fun (especially ancient ones), or trying to pick up a new skill. Since beginning my studies in Law, I’ve joined the McGill Law Journal Podcast, become an associate editor for the McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law, and been appointed the Associate Law Senator at McGill.

Jane, 3L

JaneAcademic Background : Before studying law at McGill, I completed a DEC in Sciences, Letters and Arts at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. At CÉGEP, I had the chance to get involved in a number of projects: I sat on a board of directors, did theater and directed a short film. The variety of my interests led me to study law, because the legal profession is extremely versatile and can be combined with any field, no matter how niche.

Bio : I was born in the United Kingdom and immigrated to Canada at the age of five. I went to primary and secondary school in French, but always loved reading and writing in English. McGill’s bilingual policy is notably one of the reasons I chose this school. Whether in classrooms or corridors, everyone expresses themselves in the language of their choice, reflecting a real linguistic effervescence.

What I love about McGill Law are the endless extracurricular opportunities. During my first year, I participated in a case compeition by ABC-Québec, which McGill won, and this year, to enrich my legal education, I will be participating in the Davies Corporate Securities Law moot. I am also Co-President of the McGill Sports and Entertainment Law Association (MSELA), having always been curious about the film industry due to my love for cinema. Sport also plays an important role in my life. For over ten years, I was a competitive fencer, which enabled me to develop a work ethic and travel the world with the Canadian team. These experiences, although not academic, have greatly shaped me as a person and influence my career choices in law.


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