Joint Degree Programs

McGill's Faculty of Law offers two joint programs in collaboration with the Desautels Faculty of Management and the School of Social Work: the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with integrated BCL/JD, and the Masters of Social Work (MSW) with integrated BCL/JD.

Candidates interested in pursuing either joint degree program must apply separately to, and be admitted by, both faculties. A negative response from one of the two programs does not mean an automatic refusal from the other faculty. Admission to the Faculty of Law for applicants to the joint degree programs is based on the same criteria used for applicants applying only to the Law program.

Prerequisites for joint degree programs

Candidates seeking admission to joint degree programs must meet the eligibility requirements for each program they are applying to and must submit separate applications to the Faculty of Law and to the graduate program of their choice:

  • The Desautels Faculty of Management MBA Program, for the joint BCL/JD and MBA. This program prepares its alumni for careers in private and public enterprise, as well as government service. Information about the MBA/Law program is available on the MBA/Law page.
  • The School of Social Work MSW Program for the joint BCL/JD and MSW. This program is designed for students interested in transcending academic boundaries in social justice issues and in gaining an enriched perspective. Information about the MSW program is available on the MSW website.

Finally, candidates should also indicate in their personal statement for law their reasons for wanting to pursue a joint degree.

Please visit the Law Student Affairs Office: Joint Law programs page for more in-depth information.

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