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Bienvenue à la Faculté de droit de l’Université McGill!

Robert LeckeyMcGill’s path-breaking legal education is one of the best in the world. We believe that creative thinkers, educated in law and sensitive to difference, have much to contribute to understanding our globalized world and tackling its pressing problems. At McGill Law, some of the world’s best law professors and exceptional students from around the globe teach, learn, and research in a way that brings together multiple legal traditions.

McGill-trained lawyers exit our walls with a distinct edge. They are ready to manage vast amounts of information, to deal with complexity, and to solve legal problems in areas of rapid change with no single right answer – or with many. A McGill lawyer is a chameleon, able to work with peers from the common-law provinces, England, and the U.S. or from civil-law jurisdictions in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. A McGill legal education will prepare you for a plural world where boundaries are porous and shifting – and people, goods, and ideas move further and faster than ever.

Our double-degree program, taught in English and French, integrates the common law, the civil law, and, increasingly, Indigenous legal traditions. Within our graduate program’s vibrant community, our master’s and doctoral students receive dedicated attention from a diverse group of leading researchers. Our doctoral students receive a preparation for teaching law that has no equal.

Notre champ de vision dépasse la pratique traditionnelle du droit. Les membres de notre communauté diplômée accèdent à des carrières enrichissantes au sein de grands cabinets canadiens, américains et internationaux, dans les plus hautes sphères de la fonction publique, dans l’action communautaire à l’échelle locale et à la tête d’ONG internationales.

Notre programme unique et nos activités de recherche innovatrices nous ont mérité notre réputation extraordinaire. Notre corps professoral tient profondément à cœur le succès de nos étudiants et étudiantes. Nous remettons constamment en question l’orthodoxie, et tirons fierté de constater le changement que nos étudiants, professeurs et diplômées provoquent dans nos sociétés.

Fièrement enracinés à Montréal, nous rayonnons dans le monde.

Won’t you join us?

Robert Leckey Ad. E

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