Papers - Photo of Atmospheric Icing of Structures
Image by Andreas Istad Lem.

Paper ID Presenter's Frist Name Presenter's Last Name Title
002 Abdel Hakim  Abouassine PDF icon Understanding Snow Adhesion and Mechanisms of its Removal from Photovoltaic Modules
005 Matteo Lacavalla PDF icon Updates on research activities of wet snowfalls in Italy: snow load map reanalysis, forecasting, and monitoring
007 Alexander Schobak PDF icon Prevention Of Icing On Ground Wires Of 220 kV Double-Circuit Power Transmission Line By Induced Currents Without Disconnecting It
008 Johannes Riemenschneider PDF icon DLR Whirl Tower Icing & De-Icing Facility
009 Anne Mette Nodeland PDF icon Risk of ice throw from wind turbines validated with data from field measurements using drones
011 A. Sabirzyanova PDF icon Equipment for Reflectometric Monitoring of OHL
012 P. Faggian PDF icon Future projections and return levels of wet-snow load on overhead HV Conductors
013 Johan Lundengård PDF icon Study of lightning performance of 420 kV lines in iced areas after removal of shield wires
014 J. Lundengård PDF icon Power supply of sensors for ice detection: harvesting of energy from OHL
016 Emilie Iversen PDF icon Future changes of atmospheric icing in Norway
018 Martin Polh PDF icon A lamb wave-based icing sensor for aircraft ice detection
020 Zijia Wang PDF icon Influence of ice surface on the particle composition in an arcPDF icon Influence of ice surface on the particle composition in an arc
022 Guillaume Roger PDF icon Spectroscopic appreciation of RDF and ADF freezing point
023 Patrice Roberge PDF icon Understanding ice accretion on wind turbines with field data
027 Joseph Gonzales PDF icon Novel Luminescent Sensor for Ice Temperature Measurement
028 Douglas Nims PDF icon A CFD Analysis of the Effect of Ice and Snow Accretion on the Aerodynamic Behavior of Bridge Cables
029 David Szabo PDF icon Performance analysis and fine-tuning possibilities of DLR-based ice prevention method according to international project experiences
031 L. Rácz PDF icon Investigation of climate change on power line icing over Hungary
033 Borut Zemljarič PDF icon The numerical simulation of the cable de-icing with the electromagnetic forces generated by short-circuit currents
035 Hisato Matsumiya PDF icon Field observations of snow damage to overhead transmission lines at the Kushiro test line
036 M. Martinsen       PDF icon Designing mechanical tough ice release coatings via graft-copolymer modifications
037 Moawad Abdelrahman PDF icon Dynamic Load on Interphase Spacers Due to Ice Shedding
039 Ramsankar Veerakumar PDF icon An Experimental Study of Atmospheric Icing Process on Bundled conductors
041 M. Shabani PDF icon Prediction of Ice Accretion on Transmission Lines using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization-based Artificial Neural Networks
042 Nadine Rehfeld PDF icon Ice shedding tests for the assessment of hybrid ice protection systems
045 E. Bakhshandeh       PDF icon Polyurethane coatings: the relationship between crosslink density and ice nucleation
046 S. Goharshenas Moghadam PDF icon Surfaces containing Ionic Liquids for Anti-icing applications
047 Marie Cecili Pedersen PDF icon On the Modelling Chain for Production Loss Assessment for Wind Turbines in Cold Climates
048 E. Thorsteins PDF icon Wet snow icing modeling and comparison with field data
050 S. Grini PDF icon Combining Ensemble Icing Forecasts with Real-Time Measurements for Power Line and Wind Turbine Applications
051 Claire Charpentier PDF icon A Refined Procedure for Evaluating the Airport Runway De-icing Products Performance
052 C. Blackburn      PDF icon Ice adhesion Measurements: Assessing the effect of icing conditions
053 Jean-Denis Brassard PDF icon Assessing the Impact of Common Winter Contaminations on Runway Surface Condition
055 Masafumi Yamazaki PDF icon Water droplet impingement on a moving surface
057 Saki Taruishi PDF icon Investigation of the effect of galloping countermeasure for four-bundled conductor through field observation
058 Igor Usachev PDF icon Detecting Ice in Anti-icing Fluid Films using a Polarized Light Imaging Technique
059 Ming Lu PDF icon Design Ice and Wind on Overhead Transmission Lines in British Columbia
061 Fahed Martini PDF icon A combined analytical-CFD approach for wind turbine icing precipitation
062 Toshihiro Ozeki PDF icon Laboratory Experiments of Spray Icing on Cylindrical Specimens Using Urea-doped Water
063 T.  Hao PDF icon Ice Peeling Shear Lag and Adhesion Strength Prediction Model
064 Bjørn Egil Nygaard PDF icon Development of Ice Load Maps for Structural Design
066 F. Pini PDF icon An icephobicity oriented approach to the physicochemical modification of PDMS elastomers
067 M. Shamshiri      PDF icon Fabrication of icephobic surfaces using embedding phase-change capsules
068 S. Heydarian PDF icon Fabrication of lubricant-impregnated Icephobic surfaces with Improved Stability
069 Yuelong Zhang PDF icon Wind-induced Swing Response Analysis of Bundled Conductors under Coupling Action of Severe Ice and Wind
073 Aida Maroufkhani PDF icon Development of a runway surface de-icing model to predict the melting time
074 B. Adum PDF icon Using ice monitoring and modelling to increase reliability and optimize OHTL route planning
075 Kathleen Jones PDF icon A citizen science freezing rain tree
076 G.  Parent PDF icon Method to Determine the Structural Equivalent MRI for the US Deterministic Load Case (NESC Rule 250B) and Case Study Results
077 M.  Balordi       PDF icon Effect of experimental parameters on icephobic measurements
082 Kunpeng Ji PDF icon Case Study of Two Typical Transmission Line Faults due to Ice Shedding
084 M.  Wood PDF icon The Penguin Feather as Inspiration for Anti-Icing Surfaces
085 Éric Villeneuve PDF icon Experimental Assessment of the Ice Protection Effectiveness of Icephobic Coatings for a Hovering Drone Rotor
086 Á. J.  Elíasson PDF icon Icing measurements, recent development in Iceland
087 J. He PDF icon Research on Ice Types Identification of Transmission Line Based on Micro-meteorological Parameters
088 J. He PDF icon Evaluation of Conductor Icing Degree Based on U-Net and Rotating Calipers Algorithm
089 D. Ying PDF icon A Classification and Identification Method of Micro-terrain Areas for Iced Transmission Lines
090 H. Wang PDF icon Comparative Study on Bundle Conductor and Equivalent Expanded Diameter Conductor in Ice-coated Area
091 Liao Yi PDF icon De-icing Test of Contact Rail Electro-impulse In Artificial Climate Chamber
092 Zhou Yu PDF icon Exploratory Research about Pneumatic De-icing Method Applied to Wind Turbine
093 M.  Wang PDF icon Research on Anti-icing Power of the Cable-Stayed Cylindrical Structure Based on PTC
095 Ran Li PDF icon A New Simplified Calculation Model for Torsion Process of Overhead Single Conductors with Light Icing
096 Qin Hu PDF icon Review on Anti-icing and De-icing Techniques of Wind Turbine Blades
098 Jiawen Wang PDF icon Research on Recognition Algorithm of Residual Snow and Icing on Photovoltaic Module
099 Ruiwen Zhou PDF icon The Study of Ice Melting Model of Rime-Covered Insulator and its Electric Field Distribution During Freeze-Thaw Cycle
100 Leihu Shen PDF icon Removal and Residue Characteristics of Frozen Water Droplets on Cold Aluminum Surface under Ultrasonic Vibration
101 Qiang Wang PDF icon Experimental study of nominal normal bond strength between conductor cable and Ice
102 Wu  Gao PDF icon Study on the Natural Melting Time of Snow on Photovoltaic Modules
104 S. Keshavarzi      PDF icon Relationships between surface wettability, roughness parameters, and ice nucleation time
105 Fanghui Yin PDF icon Study on Local Collision Efficiency of Water Droplets with Different Charges under AC and DC Electric Field
106 X.L. Jiang PDF icon Precise Icing Monitoring Methods and Active Ice Disaster Prevention Technologies


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