About IWAIS - Photo of Atmospheric Icing of Structures
Image by Ole Berg.


The international Workshop on Atmospheric Icing of Structures is a forum of scientific and technical exchanges for stakeholders concerned with improving their understanding of natural icing phenomena, their mapping, and their effects on the functionality and performance of exposed structures and equipment. Recent studies about the non-stationary nature of our local and global climates show that extreme climatic events and ice storms in particular are more likely to occur in many regions, and icing hazards have increased in areas that were not considered at risk only a few decades ago. Sharing knowledge and successful practices in mitigating the effects of atmospheric icing is more relevant now than ever. 

Traditionally, IWAIS has brought together participants from the fields of earth and meteorological sciences, materials sciences and several engineering disciplines that cover many practical applications with a focus on overhead power lines. In the last decade, we have witnessed increased participation from stakeholders of other exposed structures such as wind turbines, oil rigs, telecommunications structures, and so on. Indeed, interdisciplinarity is key in tackling atmospheric icing challenges.

In the last 40 years, thousands of participants have gathered for 18 IWAIS meetings in 12 cold climate countries. The first IWAIS conference was held in 1982 in Hanover, USA, and the 18th meeting was hosted in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2019.


Previous Conferences

IWAIS # Year City Country Link
18. 2019 Reykjavik Iceland IWAIS 2019
17.  2017 Chongqing China  
16. 2015 Uppsala Sweden IWAIS 2015
15. 2013 St. John's, NL Canada  
14. 2011 Chongqing China  
13. 2009 Andermatt Switzerland  
12. 2007 Yokohama Japan IWAIS 2007
11. 2005 Montreal  Canada  
10. 2002 Brno Czech Republic  
09. 2000 Chester United Kingdom  
08. 1998 Reykjavik Iceland  
07. 1996 Chicoutimi Canada  
06. 1993 Budapest Hungary  
05. 1990 Tokyo Japan  
04. 1988 Paris France  
03. 1986 Vancouver Canada  
02. 1984 Trondheim Norway  
01. 1982 Hanover United States  


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