IWAIS 2022 JUNE 20-23, Montreal Canada

Welcome - Photo of Atmospheric Icing of Structures

Welcome to IWAIS 2022 - Virtual Meeting

As announced at the IWAIS 2019 meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, the next IWAIS event was set to take place in person in Montréal from June 19th-23rd, 2022. However, public health restrictions due to COVID-19 have since changed in many ways and unfortunately it has become impractical to organize safe travel and public gatherings. Therefore, we announce that the Workshop will be held online exclusively. A revised schedule of events will be posted on this site as soon as the planning is complete.

Canada has a long-standing commitment to IWAIS as we have met here four times already; the last time being in St. John's, in 2013. We have a vibrant community of researchers, consultants, manufacturers and utility stakeholders who are eager to innovate, share and implement effective solutions to mitigate icing on structures, with an emphasis on power line equipment. Atmospheric icing is complex and more than ever, as climate perturbations are causing more ice storms on our territories, we need to engage a younger generation of participants in the solution process.

We remain open to your suggestions as we are organizing the event at McGill University. Please do not hesitate to contact ghyslaine.mcclure [at] mcgill.ca (Ghyslaine McClure) or Masoud_Farzaneh [at] uqac.ca (Masoud Farzaneh) personally if need be, or the iwais2022 [at] mcgill.ca (IWAIS 2022 Secretariat).

Welcome to IWAIS 2022!


Ghyslaine McClure
Conference Co-chair
McGill University

Masoud Farzaneh
Conference Co-chair
Université du Québec at Chicoutimi



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