IT Governance

If you have any questions or comments regarding IT policies, contact itgovernance.its [at] (subject: IT%20Policies%20support)

Procurement Services (Buyers)

The Buyer/Lead Buyer for your portfolio / unit is your ongoing main point of contact throughout the Cloud Service acquisition process. For their contact information, see the contact us page on the Procurement website.

For general questions about the use of Cloud Services, contact Procurement Service Desk. (login required)

Data Trustees

The Data Trustee has the ultimate responsibility to manage Enterprise Data in compliance with University policies and legal and regulatory requirements. The list below shows the different data categories and their assigned Data Trustee.

When it comes to research data, each researcher is their own data trustee and as such is responsible for proper data governance. Researchers don’t need to complete the Data Trustee form, however, they must document the data used in the cloud solution as well as the due diligence performed to acquire the cloud solution.

Data Category: People

Domain type Data Trustees
e.g., employee file, collective agreements, pension

Diana Dutton
Associate Vice-Principal, Human Resources

Personal Donor/Alumni

Marc Weinstein
Vice-Principal, University Advancement

Gillian Nycum
University Registrar and Executive Director/Enrolment Services

Student Health
e.g., student medical records

Martine Gauthier
Executive Director, Student Services

"McGill in the community" - Health
Medical data of community members external to McGill

e.g., dental clinic records, physician portal

Dr. Lesley Fellows
Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean of Medicine and Health

"McGill in the community" - Personal Information
Personal information of community members external to McGill

Susan (Sue) Murley
Interim Executive Director, Marketing and Communications

Data Category: Space

Domain type Data Trustees
e.g., facilities, campus, physical assets and security

Denis Mondou
Associate Vice-Principal, Facilities Management and Ancillary Services (FMAS)

Data Category: Organization

Domain type Data Trustees
e.g., curriculum

Christopher Manfredi
Provost and Vice-Principal Academic

e.g., financial forecasts and reporting

Cristiane Tinmouth
Associate Vice-Principal, Financial Services
Governance and Regulatory
e.g., records and corporate documents, access requests, institutional policies

Edyta Rogowska

Information Technology
e.g., infrastructure and IT security (access identity), IT assets

Marc Denoncourt
Associate Vice-Principal & Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Institutional Planning & Performance
e.g., measures, analytical data sets, budget
Richard Martin
Executive Director, Analysis, Planning & Budget (APB)
e.g., legal opinions, legal cases before the court

Jean-François Legault
General Counsel and Director of Legal Services

Library Trenholme
e.g., collections, catalogs
Guylaine Beaudry
Trenholme Dean of Libraries
e.g., vendors, contracts, tenders
Cristiane Tinmouth
Associate Vice-Principal, Financial Services
Public Web/Social Media Content
e.g., branding, web analytics, internal communications, external communications
Susan (Sue) Murley
Interim Executive Director, Marketing and Communications
Research Management
e.g., administration (such as grants, applications, agreements, intellectual property)
Martha Crago
Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation
e.g., auxiliary services (such as parking, bookstore)
Denis Mondou
Associate Vice-Principal, Facilities Management and Ancillary Services (FMAS)
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