IT for Faculty

 When you're giving a lecture, we've got the IT tools you need!

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IT Services provides technical support, training and assistance on the various central IT services offered by the University. Information linked here is housed in an extensive Knowledge Base, which is updated constantly.

This guide describes IT services primarily geared towards faculty, instructors and researchers. For services geared to all McGill employees, please refer to the IT for Staff page.

Teaching Support

myCourses provides students with a web-based learning environment, in which instructors can organize class discussions, collaborative group activities, and online office hours. myCourses is most frequently used by instructors to distribute course materials, quizzes, assignments and grades and feedback.

Polling @ McGill: Use this service to project multiple-choice questions to your students who then submit their responses using a personal device (smartphone, tablet or laptop). After using software to collect and analyze the data, you can generate additional learning activities, group discussions and feedback reports.

Lecture Recording System: Instructors can request the automatic recording of lectures for a course (including demonstrations or student presentations) throughout a term if they are teaching in an LRS-equipped classroom, and then make the recordings available on myCourses.

Mercury Online Course Evaluations: This system allows students to complete end-of-term course evaluations online for each course in which they are registered. Faculty and authorized staff have secure access to the results, including numerical results and comments. Numerical results are disseminated to the McGill Community provided an adequate response rate has been received and an instructor has not objected to access.

Educational Technologies: This group supports the effective use of myCourses and various learning technologies used by the McGill academic community in educational and research activities. To request a custom workshop, one-on-one consultation or group session for your Faculty or Department fill in the Request Form.

Computers, Software, Classroom & AV resources

Classroom Audiovisual Support Services: In-class telephone support for instructors is provided for all McGill classrooms that come equipped with AV equipment. Additionally, instructors can use the Classroom Audiovisual Instructions tool to choose a building and classroom and view images of the room and layout of AV equipment, operating instructions, and video demonstrations. Instructors are encouraged to consult this tool and make sure they know how to set up the equipment before a semester begins.

Audiovisual equipment loans: The university offers Audiovisual Equipment Loans with service points on both of its campuses to allow faculty members to borrow data projectors, digital audio devices, tripods, cameras, camcorders and more...

Academic Laptop / Tablet program: This program assists tenured and tenure-track professors by subsidizing part or all of the costs of purchasing laptop or tablet computers to be used for teaching purposes.

eduroam: Faculty can use their McGill Username and Password to log into wireless networks at participating universities in Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia.

Software Licensing: Through licensing agreements, many downloadable software packages are provided to McGill staff at educational rates, or in some cases at no charge at all, such as Office 365 ProPlus, MATLAB, antivirus and citation management software. The CIO makes an effort to secure the best deals on key computer applications through consultations via a campus advisory group on software.

OneDrive (cloud file storage): As a faculty member, you get 1 terabyte of personal file storage space on Microsoft OneDrive. You can use it to store your own files as well as some institutional data, in accordance with McGill's Cloud Data Storage Directive

myFuture: An online career and internship management system, myFuture is centrally shared and available to McGill’s career and internship offices in order to offer enhanced online services to student clients and employer contacts. As a faculty member, you can register to access myFuture to recruit TAs and research assistants.

McGill Computer Store: The McGill Computer Store supplies computer equipment and software to McGill staff, students and departments as well as the affiliated teaching hospitals. As an educational reseller, it offers a variety of software and hardware products at special discount prices and can also special-order most commercially available products.

McGill internal GitHub: GitHub is a centrally managed version control system that provides the possibility of creating on demand, private repositories for use in courses and research, and enables effective ways of tracking changes in source codes, websites and other documents.

IT Services for Research

To view the service descriptions, see the IT Services for Research category on the IT Home page. 

Several services across a wide range of platforms are tailored to the IT support needs of research groups. These include:

  • Access to Research Networks: In addition to the default McGill internet access, McGill researchers may also use research networks such as RISQ (Quebec), CANARIE (Canada), Internet2 (US), and similar International networks.
  • Customized contractual computer services:
    • Project consultation and management
    • Server-related or desktop-related services such as troubleshooting
    • Other IT services
  • Data products such as hosting, SAN file storage, backup services and virtual machines
  • Temporary wireless service
  • IT specifications for your research grant applications
  • Specialized software such as MATLAB, SPSS, Maple, SAS and more.

Do you administer research funds?

On Minerva > Finance Menu, use the Budget Query and Budget Query for Fund Holders options to query the balances of funds related to your research at McGill.

On the same menu, you can also access the McGill MarketPlace Entrance – use the Edit Profile function to set up a shopping profile, and access the McGill MarketPlace to purchase products that can be paid for by your research funds. Follow the onscreen prompts or click on the HELP link on the Minerva form.

On the myMcGill portal, the Finance Admin portlet and the McGill MarketPlace portlet contain links to these and other options.