LinkedIn Learning for staff: New features and tools

Customized learning paths, role guides, and a hands-on learning environment

We are pleased to announce that new features are now available on the LinkedIn Learning (LIL) platform. These will further enable learners to customize learning paths, enhance their technical skills, and pursue career goals.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning (LIL) is an online learning platform enabling individuals and organizations to achieve their objectives, aspirations, and development goals. This service is available to all full-time administrative support and trades staff, and all tenure-track academics and campus-based contract academic staff. Further details are available in the service description.


New features in LinkedIn Learning

  • Role Guides: Explore and navigate career paths at your company with customized role guides. PDF icon LinkedIn Learning Role Guides

  • Skill Evaluations: Discover personalized courses tailored to your proficiency level with private self-evaluations. PDF icon LinkedIn Learning Skill Evaluations

  • Hands-on technical training environment: Learners can now access a technical practice environment that mirrors software development in the workplace, thereby accelerating their technical skill acquisition through realistic hands-on practice.  
    • Course list with available hands-on practice environment
  • Jobs from your company in LinkedIn Learning Hub: Encourage career development by making it easier for employees to discover new opportunities at your company. PDF icon Jobs in LinkedIn Learning Hub
    Graphic illustration of person sitting at computer
    Highlight internal opportunities with the LinkedIn Learning Hub
    (Image: LinkedIn Learning)


How to access LinkedIn Learning 

Employees: Follow the instructions in the LinkedIn Learning service description in the IT Knowledge Base. 

Managers: For information on how to manage LinkedIn Learning for your teams, contact Organizational Development at [at]

Check out LIL’s full range of course offerings and certifications, and start learning today!



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