IT Services Year in Review 2018

Projects and achievements in support of McGill's strategic priorities

We are pleased to share our first ever IT Annual Report, highlighting the work that we accomplished in 2018 with and for the McGill community.

Driven by Principal Fortier's Five Priorities, we have focused our efforts on:

  • Supporting The McGill Commitment to students
  • Unleashing our full research potential
  • Enhancing community partnerships
  • Fostering an atmosphere of learning, agility and effectiveness
  • Transforming and sustaining our campus infrastructure, both physically and virtually

We hope you view the highlights of this report with pride, as they are the fruits of collaboration between IT Services and many of you throughout the McGill community.


Student life

Student life

Teaching & learning

Teaching and Learning

Administration and strategic decision-making

Services for administration and strategic decision-making

Keeping "IT" fresh

Keeping "IT" fresh

Engagement and outreach

Engagement & Outrech

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