B.Ed. Field Experiences 

Possible Final Grades

P (Pass)

  • Student passed the Field Experience and can proceed in their B.Ed. program
  • Not calculated into TGPA or CGPA but credits count towards part-time or full-time status (including eligibility for scholarships and Dean’s Honour List)

D (Repeat)

  • Granted at the discretion of the ISA Director
  • Student did not pass the Field Experience but shows potential to succeed in the future
  • Student is granted permission to repeat the Field Experience when next offered
  • Student may also be required to repeat co-requisite courses, including Professional Seminar, at the discretion of the ISA Director.
  • Student may only repeat a Field Experience once in their program (i.e. a student cannot be granted a 2nd ‘D’ for a future Field Experience)
  • Student is automatically put into ‘Probationary’ academic standing and will remain in ‘Probationary’ academic standing until such time as the Field Experience is passed
  • Mark of ‘D’ is not calculated into the T/CGPA; remains on the official transcript but is [E] flagged (i.e. excluded) from the T/CGPA

F (Fail)

  • Student did not pass the Field Experience
  • Student is automatically put into ‘Unsatisfactory’ academic standing and required to withdraw from the B.Ed. program for a period of at least one full year (i.e. 52 weeks)
  • If ‘F’ is received in the Fall term, student may request permission to continue their studies into the subsequent Winter term in anticipation of requesting a transfer to another faculty (deadline June 1st); if transfer is unsuccessful, student is automatically withdrawn from the university at the end of the Winter term
  • Student must apply for formal readmission, including a hearing before the Student Affairs Committee
  • Mark of ‘F’ is not calculated into the T/CGPA; remains on official transcript but is [E] flagged (i.e. excluded) from the T/CGPA


MATL Internships

Student Teachers receive a final grade for the Internship course based on the recommendations of the CT(s)/Administrator(s) and Field Supervisor provided on the Summative Assessment* and per the evaluation criteria on the Summative Assessment.

Student Teachers may only repeat an Internship once in their program

Students admitted after Summer 2017: graded on a Pass/Fail basis (and given P/F letter grades)
Students admitted to the program prior to Summer 2017: receive a numerical grade, weighted as follows: Supervisor Summative (50%), Cooperating Teacher Summative (50%); on both Summatives, which are marked on a 1–5 point scale across 12 Professional Competencies (5 being the highest possible mark), each mark out of 5 is assigned a correlating number out of 100 and an average is calculated to reach a final numerical grade out of 100; this is then converted to the corresponding letter grade.


Failure in a Field Experience or Internship

Students are granted a grade of ‘F’ (failure) in a field placement course when they do not meet objectives and expectations during the summative evaluation period, OR place students or other host school community members at significant risk during their placement, OR do not demonstrate professional behaviour in adherence with the McGill Principles of Practice, Behaviour and Ethical Conduct for Teacher Candidates, OR violate the McGill University Code of Student Conduct.


Readmission Following a Failure in Field Experience

Students who fell into Unsatisfactory Standing due to failure in a Field Experience are eligible for readmission one full academic year after leaving the program. Learn more here.


Appeal of Grade

More information on appealing a Field Experience or Internship grade is available here.





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