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Field Experience (B.Ed.) & Internship (MATL) Dates & Contacts

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Placement Coordinators

Placement Coordinators are responsible for specific programs/cohorts (subject to change during the year) but are all available to help students from all programs, if need be.




Gabrielle Ohayon [at]


Viviane Trudel
Phys. Ed.

Gabrielle Ohayon


Gabrielle Ohayon


Viviane Trudel
MATL Viviane Trudel


Student teachers should not make plans to travel up to one week following a Field Experience/Internship as any days missed due to excused absences must be made up. See Policies: Absence from Field ExperienceAdditionally, attendance at co-requisite courses is often mandatory and these courses may start or end after the Field Experience/Internship. Students with unexcused absences may be removed from the field. 
Course registration opening dates and deadlines may follow a specific calendar to be communicated to students by email, and, unless otherwise noted, withdrawal deadlines are: add/drop - 2 weeks before placement; withdrawal with refund - first day of placement; withdrawal without refund - fourth day of placement.

Field Experience and Internships are to be completed in the following terms (unless done off-cycle, with permission from ISA):

  • FE1
    • K/Elem: Fall
    • Secondary
      • English, Social Sciences (Math, Science - Advanced Standing Only): Fall
      • Math, Science (4-Year Program): Summer
    • TESL: Fall
    • Music: Summer
    • Phys Ed: Summer
  • FE2
    • Summer (all programs)
  • FE3
    • Fall (all programs)
  • FE4
    • Winter (all programs)
  • IN1
    • Winter
  • IN2
    • Fall

Course Codes and Schedules

2019-2020 Academic Year

Policy reminder regarding scheduling/time commitment: Student Teachers are strongly advised not to engage in activities (e.g. employment, courses) which could interfere with the time and energy required to prepare lessons and effectively teach during their placements.Course conflicts with a field placement will not be grounds for an excused absence from the field. Student Teachers are also advised not to make plans to leave the city for 1 week (minimum) immediately after your placement - you may be required to make up days lost to illness or school closure.


Contingency Plan for Summer 2020 FE1 and FE2 Courses Rescheduled*

DISE Programs 

Spring 2020 FE 1 Mus. & Sec.

Spring 2020 FE2 K/Elem, Sec, Music, TESL 

Phys ED Programs

Spring 2020 FE1 Phys Ed

Spring 2020 FE 2 Phys Ed

Contingency Plan FAQs

This plan requires changes to the courses. The courses will be created/amended after which you will be contacted to register.

*Note that future changes to this plan are possible.

Summer 2020 placements have been postponed. Please drop all Summer 2020 EDFE courses with the co-requisite seminar courses. The deadline to drop the courses is April 17.


First Field Experience (FE1)

Music EDFE 205 198 Mon, Apr 27 Fri, May 8 Mon-Fri
Secondary EDFE 200 200 Mon, Apr 27 Fri, May 8 Mon-Fri
Phys Ed EDFE 246 201 Mon, Apr 27 Fri, May 15 Mon-Fri

Second Field Experience (FE2)

K/Elem EDFE 256 256 Mon, Apr 27 Fri, May 22 Mon-Fri
Music EDFE 208 202 Mon, Apr 27 Fri, May 22 Mon-Fri
Phys Ed EDFE 373 241 Mon, Apr 27 Fri, May 15 Mon-Fri
Secondary EDFE 254 244 Mon, Apr 27 Fri, May 22 Mon-Fri
TESL EDFE 255 245 Mon, Apr 27 Fri, May 22 Mon-Fri


Fall 2020 


Third Field Experience (FE3)

  • Registration: April 1-Deadline: TBC 

  • Drop Deadline: TBC (K/Elem, Music, Sec, TESL) 

  • Withdrawal WITH Refund Deadline: TBC

  • Withdrawal WITHOUT Refund Deadline: TBC (K/Elem, Music, Sec, TESL) 


  • Pre-FE3 Orientation session TBC 
  • Conflicting travel or work commitments will not excuse your absence from the first day/week of FE3. Students are required to be in Montreal and available to attend the mandatory pre-FE3 orientation. taking place at McGill on TBC
  • Host school start dates for B.Ed. FE3 are scheduled for TBC, but may vary depending on the schedule of the host school.
K/Elem EDFE 306 CRN 21801 Mon, Oct 5* Fri, Dec 11 Mon-Fri *Mon, Oct 5 =
Mandatory Pre-FE3
at McGill
Music EDFE 308 CRN 21802 Mon, Oct 5* Fri, Dec 11 Mon-Fri
Secondary EDFE 351 CRN 21803 Mon, Oct 5* Fri, Dec 11 Mon-Fri
TESL EDFE 359 CRN 21804 Mon, Oct 5* Fri, Dec 11 Mon-Fri
Phys Ed EDFE 380 Postponed  Postponed Postponed Postponed  

Second Internship (IN2)

MATL EDIN 602/620 18745/18746 Mon, Sep 14 Fri, Nov 27 Mon-Fri  

First Field Experience (FE1)

  • Registration Deadline: April 1-Oct 26,2020

  • Drop Deadline: Nov 2, 2020

  • Withdrawal WITH Refund Deadline: Nov 14, 2020

  • Withdrawal WITHOUT Refund Deadline: Nov 19, 2020
K/Elem/Secondary EDFE 200 CRN 21811/21812 Mon, Nov 16* Thu, Dec 3 Mon-Thu

*Mon November 16 = Mandatory Pre-FE1

Orientation at McGill

TESL EDFE  209 CRN 21813 Mon, Nov 16* Thu, Dec 3 Mon-Thu

Winter 2021


First Internship (IN1)

MATL EDIN 601/610 16206/16207 Mon, Jan 11* Fri, Apr 9 Mon-Fri

*Mon, Jan 11 = Mandatory Pre-IN1 Orientation at McGill
Tue, Jan 12 = Host school start date

Fourth Field Experience (FE4)

  • Registration Deadline: September 21, 2020

  • Drop Deadline: Feb 1, 2021

  • Withdrawal WITH Refund Deadline: Feb 15, 2021

  • Withdrawal WITHOUT Refund Deadline: Feb 18, 2021
K/Elem EDFE 406 18660 Mon, Feb 15* Fri, Apr 9 Mon-Fri

*Mon, Feb 15 = Journey’s End-Journey’s Start (mandatory pre-FE4 event) / Career Fair at McGill
Mon, Feb 16 = Host school start date

FE4 dates assume the host school
has a 1-week "spring break" where
student teachers are not present at the school.

  • If student teachers are at a school
    with a longer spring break, your FE4
    will be extended accordingly.
  • If student teachers are at a school
    with no spring break, your FE4
    can be reduced in end date accordingly.
Music EDFE 407 18661 Mon, Feb 15* Fri, Apr 9 Mon-Fri
Phys Ed EDFE 480 18664 Mon, Feb 15* Fri, Apr 16 Mon-Fri
Secondary EDFE 451 18662 Mon, Feb 15* Fri, Apr 9 Mon-Fri
TESL EDFE 459 18663 Mon, Feb 15* Fri, Apr 9 Mon-Fri


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