Student Teaching e-Handbook


  Une version française (préliminaire) de l'e-Guide est disponible ici.


Please note that as of Fall 2018, for sustainability and accuracy-of-information purposes, all information about, and forms for, Field Experiences and Internships will solely be housed on the ISA website in this section. (Printed "Guides" and "Packages" will no longer be available.)

Student Teachers, Co-operating Teachers, Field Supervisors, and School Administrators should review the content here for the most up-to-date information about Field Experiences and Internships at McGill University in the Faculty of Education. Partners are welcome to print the pages; however, in the event of a discrepancy between the print-out and the website, the latter will prevail. Any notable amendments made to the website will be flagged as *NEW* for one (1) academic year.

The e-Handbook is divided into 6 sections that follow a fairly chronological order.

(1)  Student Teaching Policies

  • All rules and policies related to Student Teaching
  • Should be reviewed by Student Teacher, Field Supervisor, and Co-operating Teacher

(2)  Student Teacher Resources

  • Info and documents that Student Teachers should review and/or complete before or during the Field Experience/Internship.
  1. McGill Principles of Practice, Behaviour and Ethical Conduct for Teacher Candidates (read in advance of FE/IN)
  2. Guide to Professional Behaviour for Student Teachers (read in advance of FE/IN)
  3. Student Teacher Profile (complete in advance of FE/IN)
  4. Guide to Written Components (use during FE/IN)
  5. Activity, Lesson & Learning Plans
  6. Assessment Tracking (use during FE/IN)
  7. Action Plans (complete at end of FE/IN)
  8. External Resources
  9. Intern Perseverance and Success Scholarship

(3)  Professional Competencies

  • Overview of the 13 Professional Competencies (PCs)
  • Guides for Professional Competency acquisition

(4)  Placements

  • Instructions on how to access, complete, and submit evaluation forms
  • Weekly breakdown of tasks, target workload, and any relevant assessment
  • Student Teachers, Field Supervisors, and Co-operating Teachers should review the target workload and assessment schedule, and ensure that it is being followed every week. Schedules and expectations differ by Field Experience/Internship, so please ensure you are using the correct schedule.

(5)  Teaching Awards

  • Information on and nomination forms for Teaching Awards (FE3/4 and IN1/2 only)

(6)  Feedback

  • Feedback forms for use by Student Teachers, Field Supervisors and Co-operating Teachers.
  • We value your feedback, so please provide it!


The information, policies, and requirements contained in this website are upheld as appropriate to the Field Experience or Internship

The contents of the Student Teaching e-Handbook will be reviewed and discussed with the cooperating teacher, field supervisor and student at the first support meeting at which all must be present.



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