Appeal of a Field Experience/Internship Grade

MATL and B.Ed. students have the right to appeal any final outcome of a Field Experience (EDFE) or Internship (EDIN) course.

  • The deadlines to make an appeal for an EDFE outcome are the last working days of the following March, July and November for fall, winter and summer term courses, respectively.

  • The deadline to make an appeal for an EDIN outcome is within 30 days of the posted grade.

Please note the following:

  • Regardless of the outcome of a Field Experience or Internship, all EDFE and EDIN courses are subject to normal fees. 
  • While the appeal process is underway, students cannot be registered for any subsequent field placements and must withdraw from any upcoming field placement(s) and co-requisite course(s) until a decision has been rendered in their case. 

Information on the procedures for appealing a failing grade in a Field Experience of Internship can be found HERE

Information on appealing a disposition related to the Principles of Practice, Behaviour and Ethical Conduct for Teacher Candidates can be found HERE 



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