Doctoral (Ph.D.)

Our Doctorate degree (Ph.D) involves conducting neuroscientific research that leads to a written thesis in about four to five (maximum seven) years. The Ph.D. thesis must constitute original scholarship, and must be a distinct contribution to knowledge. 

Applicants holding either a graduate degree (Master's) or an undergraduate degree (Bachelor's) from a recognized institution are eligible to apply to our Ph.D. program.

However, take careful note that the admission requirements for the IPN Ph.D. program will differ, depending on if you have a Master's or a Bachelor's. Applicants with only an undergraduate degree wishing to apply to our Ph.D. program must display exceptional academic standing, research experience and publication(s), as entry into this program is extremely competitive. Additionally, their applications are further reviewed by IPN's second admissions committee.

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  2. I have an Undergraduate Degree

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