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Education History & Transcripts | Personal Statement | Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)
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Your application is considered complete if you have the following documents uploaded:

1. Completed application form

2. Official or unofficial transcripts for all schools you might have attended and obtained a degree from or have gotten credits towards the completion of your degree at another institution

3. Personal Statement and CV

4. letters of reference must be uploaded

5. Proof of English Requirement


Take careful note of our application deadlines for the Fall, 2023 and Winter, 2024 semesters here.


Read through the admission requirements of our M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs here


** If you have a confirmed supervisor, please email our admissions office with the name of the supervisor here: ipn.admissions [at] **

Except for Rotation applicants, all applicants to the IPN must have found and confirmed a thesis supervisor in order for their files to be considered and evaluated for admission. It is the applicant’s responsibility to identify IPN supervisors with whom they wish to work with and to contact them. Applicants should begin reaching out to potential supervisors as early as possible. Read our 'Finding a Supervisor' page for advice on how to contact and secure a thesis supervisor, and browse through our database of IPN supervisors

Note that applicants can secure a supervisor before or after they have submitted their online application. All applicants' files, once submitted and completed, will be accessible to IPN supervisors. If a supervisor finds an applicant they're interested in, they will contact the applicant directly. This increases the applicant's chances of finding a supervisor. Nevertheless, it is still the applicant's responsibility to continue contacting potential supervisors. Applicants have until the 'Find a Supervisor' deadline to secure a supervisor and to inform our admissions office. Failure to secure a supervisor by this deadline will result in the refusal of the application for the term applied to.


Application to our programs is done via McGill's Slate. You must pay the application fee and submit your online application by the deadline. After this, you will be able to upload supporting documents and complete the application. Once you have answered all the questions and uploaded all the documents, please e-mail our ipn.admissions [at] (Admissions Office) to advise us that your application is complete. 

We recommend using a computer rather than a mobile device to access Slate.

Important Notes:

  • The online application form will request your basic information, education history, the names and contact information of two (2) referees, and the name of your prospective thesis supervisor (If you haven't found a supervisor yet, simply write that you are currently looking for one. Please note that this will not affect your chances of being admitted into the program).
  • Please answer the additional questions on Slate, even if you have not found a supervisor or do not have funding. You can make note that you are looking for a supervisor or funding. If you do not do this, your application will not be indicated as complete.

Education History & Transcripts

Be sure to accurately include the names of the institutions you attended (and/or are attending), and the correct dates of attendance and graduation. If you did not finish, and will not finish a program of studies, select the option "Attended to" and state the date by which you finished or will finish studying. If you will graduate at a later date, select the option "Graduation Date" and indicate the date. The names and dates that you indicate on the form must match the information on your transcripts. If applicable, you must also include, as a separate entry, details of any exchange courses and/or other courses taken at different institutions and that counted towards your degree.

Unofficial copy (or copies) of each transcript from each university-level institution you have attended must be uploaded. If the transcript does not indicate that a degree has been conferred, a copy of the degree certificate (diploma) will also need to be uploaded. If you have completed an exchange semester(s) or extra course(s) at a host institution, which added credits towards your degree, then these transcripts must also be uploaded. Transcripts in languages other than English or French must be accompanied by an English or French translation provided by the institution issuing the transcript, or by a certified translator. WES (World Education Services) transcripts are not acceptable. 

Personal Statement


About 2 pages, single-spaced, uploaded in PDF format


•  Your academic background, emphasizing on the highlights of your education (special projects you've worked on, etc.)
•  Your research interests
•  Reason(s) for pursuing your graduate studies in IPN
•  Explanation(s) as to how IPN will help you reach your short- and long-term goals

Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)


•  Education
•  Research/Teaching Experience
•  Publications & Presentations
•  Fellowships & Grants
•  Skills & Certifications
•  Honours & Awards
•  Extracurricular activities & Community Service

Two Letters of Recommendation 

Applicants are encouraged to request two recommendations from academic or professional employers who can evaluate their potential for graduate studies and independent research, and who can fully attest to the applicant's capabilities.

McGill University will send an email to each referee you identify on the application form, asking for a reference in support of your application to be admitted. If no response is received, a reminder message will be sent every two weeks. If your referee declines the request, you will be advised by email to provide an alternate. Referees will be invited to login to a secure portion of the McGill website where they can upload the letter(s) of reference. 

•  Must clearly indicate the program the student is applying to
•  Must be dated and not be older than 12 months
•  Must indicate the referee's position and full contact information at their institution

Proof of English Proficiency 

Depending on your circumstances, submission of proof of English proficiency may either be not required, required, or an exemption. Read the descriptions down below to determine if you need to submit proof.

Not Required

You must satisfy 1 out of the 4 following conditions:

  • Mother tongue (language first learned and still used on a daily basis) is English
  • Has obtained, or is about to obtain, an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized foreign institution where English is the language of instruction
  • Has obtained, or is about to obtain, an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized institution in Canada or the United States of America (anglophone or francophone)
  • Has lived and attended university, or been employed, for at least 4 consecutive years, in a country where English is the acknowledged primary language


If you do not meet any of the 4 conditions listed above, you must submit proof using ONE of the following two options:

1. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

  • Minimum acceptable score: Overall 86, no less than 20 in each of the four component scores

2. IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

  • Minimum acceptable score: Overall 6.5 or greater (Academic module)

3. Please Note: The IPN is aware that there could be long delays in the uploading and reporting of IELTS or TOEFL results, so please be sure to do the test in enough time to meet our corresponding deadlines to find and confirm a supervisor. Please see our deadlines here: Deadlines

Results Transmission: 
In each case, you must ensure that the official test results are sent directly, via electronic transmission, to McGill (Institution Code: 0935) by the testing service. Students cannot upload their results themselves, nor can administration upload paper copies of their results. If need be, contact the test center where you took the test and request that your test scores be sent electronically to McGill. You can verify receipt of your results directly on Slate. Please allow an appropriate delay as McGill receives IELTS results on an ongoing basis; We have received several reports from applicants of significantly delayed delivery of scores from various IELTs test centres. If you choose to take the IELTS test, please allow extra time for delivery and make sure that the test centre is clear on the mechanism to send results to McGill.


Applicants who have completed a degree program at universities in certain countries or territories may be exempt from showing proof of proficiency in English. If this is the case for you, please contact //ipn.admissions [at]">ipn.admissions [at] and we will expedite your file for review.

Please view McGill's web page for the comprehensive list of exempt countries/territories.




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