Doctoral (Ph.D.)


In order to successfully graduate from the program, an IPN Ph.D. student is required to write a Doctoral thesis and complete the required coursework in a maximum of seven years for those who started in Ph.D.1 and six years for those who started in Ph.D.2.

The Ph.D. student must pass 4 in-class courses, each worth 3 credits. The course work should be directly related to your research.


Doctoral Thesis

Our Ph.D. program requires its students to undertake an original laboratory research project, from start to finish, in a specific field of neuroscience that is of interest to them. The research must be of distinct contribution to knowledge, and must meet current standards of the discipline. The project must be carried out under the supervision and training of a faculty researcher affiliated with the program. The students must write a Doctoral thesis demonstrating original scholarship, in satisfactory literary form. Ph.D students are also expected to defend their research approach and conclusions in a scholarly manner.


Required Courses

IPN Ph.D. students must successfully complete 4 in-class courses in order to graduate from the program. 



Following graduation, our Ph.D. students may choose to pursue postdoctoral research in their specialized field of interest in prestigious institutions and centres around the world. Several of our graduates are accepted into professional schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and law. Furthermore, many of our Doctoral graduates enter the workforce right after graduation, whether it be academia or industry. Examples of possible career positions for our Ph.D. graduates include, but are not limited to, professors, lab directors, medical science liaisons, research scientists, senior medical writers and editors, consultants, policy advisors, and roles within management, marketing and entrepreneurship.


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