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Pre-Arrival Orientation Webinars

Starting at McGill this September (Fall 2018)?

Meet us online for a Pre-Arrival Orientation Webinar!

Learn everything you need to know about 
McGillMontrealStudy PermitsHealth InsuranceHousingBankingCell phone plansOrientation,
and so much more!

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Pre-Arrival Orientation Webinar Schedule

All webinars (except March 20) take place on Wednesdays.

Times listed below* are in Eastern Time (ET). Find the time in your time zone here

Part I

Part II 

Bringing Family

Immigration & International Health Insurance

International Student Guide
to McGill & Montreal

How to Bring Your Spouse &
Children with You


  • Learn about essential immigration documents
  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to obtain your CAQ, Study Permit, and Visa or eTA (if needed)
  • Understand how your Health Insurance plan works
  • If you missed this webinar, you can view the recording. 
  • Find out what to expect when crossing the border into Canada
  • Learn what to pack and what to do upon arrival (banking, cell phones, etc.)
  • Find out about ISS Orientation activities
  • Discuss what factors to consider when deciding if and when to bring your spouse and/or children and what they will be able to do
  • Get information about daycares, schools, housing for families, and other community-related topics
  • Learn what paperwork is necessary and how to get started
  • If you missed this webinar, you can view the recording.
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March 14



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June 13


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March 20 10am-12pm

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March 28 9:30-11am

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July 4


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April 18 10am-12pm

Registration Closed

April 11 3-4:30pm

Registration Closed

July 25 9:30-11am

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Registration Closes July 23

Webinar jointly hosted by ISS and SEDE - the office responsible for the McGill Family Care Program.

Before the webinar, prepare yourself by reading the ISS "Bringing Your Family" webpage.

April 25 10-11:30am

Registration Closed

August 8 3-4:30pm

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Registration Closes August 6

May 9 1:30-3pm

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August 22 10-11:30am

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Registration Closes August 20

May 23 9:30-11am

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June 6 3-4:30pm

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June 27 9:30-11am

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July 18 3-4:30pm


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Pre-Arrival Webinars Organized by Campus Life & Engagement

Check out the pre-arrivals webinars offered by McGill Campus Life & Engagement, on a variety of useful topics such as Getting Involved in McGill, Tips for a Healthy First Year, Living Off Campus, and many more!


Welcome to your first experience of McGill and Montreal!

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