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Customs  Clearing customs

When you arrive at Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (or other air/land Canadian port of entry), a Canadian customs officer will verify your passport, entry visa (if applicable), and letter of acceptance.  He or she will then ask you a few questions about the purpose of your visit to Canada.

Obtaining or processing your Study PermitClearing customs

After clearing customs, you will proceed to the Canada Immigration Office. Here, an official will ask to see your:

  • Passport
  • Letter of Introduction (which confirms that your Study Permit application has been approved by the Canadian Visa Office)*
  • Letter of Acceptance from McGill University (available through Minerva),
  • Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ), and
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for your studies in Canada.

* US citizens & US green card holders can apply for their Study Permit right at the border, and therefore do not require the Letter of Introduction.

Carry these documents with you at all times; do not pack these documents in your checked luggage.

After verification of these documents, the immigration officer will complete your Study Permit (IMM 1442) or will issue you one if you arrived with a letter of introduction. This procedure may be time-consuming, and even though you will be eager to exit the airport and start your study-abroad adventure, it is important to be patient and respond politely to all questions.

Double-check your documents

Do not leave the Montreal airport (or U.S.-Canadian border, if applicable) without having your Study Permit processed and double-checking that the information it contains is correct. Ensure that your name is spelled exactly as it is on your passport, and verify that your date of birth and gender are indicated correctly as well.

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