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Tax information


Do I need to file a tax return in Canada?

You have to file a tax return if you owe tax, or if you want to claim tax credits or refunds.

Taxes are filed at 2 levels: the provincial level (Revenu Québec) and the federal level (Canada Revenue Agency)

Please refer to the Are you an International Student? page on the Canada Revenue Agency website and the New Residents page on the Revenu Quebec website for detailed information and instructions on how to submit your tax return, and how to claim credits and refunds.

DEADLINE:  Generally, your income tax return has to be filed on or before April 30 for the previous calendar year (Jan-Dec 2020).

Additional help:

  • McGill's Scholarship and Student Aid Office (SSAO) offered tax clinics in March and April - while they are now over, you can view their tax presentation.


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