5. Building Capacity and Human Resources - In Progress

49. Reporting on Key Performance Indicators (immediate to medium term)

The Task Force calls on our University to enhance reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to Indigenous student admission, retention and success, and the recruitment and retention of Indigenous faculty and staff, through:

  • improved data collection, monitoring, analyses and reporting; and
  • formal reporting to Senate and the Board of Governors on KPIs related to Indigenous representation.


  • The Indigenous Initiatives unit is working on public and internal accountability for the growth of Indigenous Initiatives at McGill, including the 52 Calls to Action.

50. Communications and Awareness-Building (immediate to medium term)

The Task Force calls on our University to create a coordinated communications strategy on Indigenous initiatives, programs and people. This can take the form of an online hub or occur via print materials.In this connection, the Task Force further calls on our University to explore and develop systematic modes of increasing general awareness and understanding of Indigenous topics and of incentivizing participation in education initiatives by all members of McGill’s community.


  • A website and communications strategy is underway for Indigenous Initiatives.

51. Establishing and Strengthening Partnerships (immediate term)

The Task Force calls on our University to establish new partnerships, and strengthen existing partnerships,with Indigenous communities, through:

  • creating a formal Indigenous Advisory Board or Indigenous Education Council with a defined mandate, whose composition includes community leaders and stakeholders at McGill;
  • creating more opportunities for the McGill community to visit, experience and learn from Indigenous communities;
  • collaborating with local, provincial, national and international Indigenous scholarly, community and student service organizations to create opportunities for networking and sharing resources and best practices; and
  • developing a procurement strategy that supports the Indigenous economy (ex: catering companies, artists, consultants, etc.) and that is respectful and understanding of Indigenous business protocols.


  • The Indigenous Initiatives unit is advancing a partnership with Vancouver Island University, and exploring other potential partnerships.
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