Selected Publications

An up to date list of Dr. Thomas' publications can be found here

Young M, Thomas A, Lubarsky S, Ballard T, Gordon D, Gruppen L, Holmboe E, Ratcliffe T, Rencick J, Schuwirth L, Durning S. Drawing the boundaries: The difficulty in defining clinical reasoning. Academic Medicine. 2018;93(7):990-995.

Young ME, Thomas A, Dory V, Lubarsky S. How different theories of clinical reasoning influence teaching and assessment. Academic Medicine. 2018;93(9):1415.

Maggio LA. Thomas A, Chen C, Ioannidis JPA, Kanter SL, Norton C, Tannery NH, & Artino AR Jr. Examining the readiness of Best Evidence in Medical Education Guides for integration into educational practice: A meta-synthesis. Perspectives in Medical Education. 2018;7(5):292-301.

Lysaght R, Thomas A, Lee M, & Bossers A. Expanding the foundation of occupational therapy educational research – A Canadian initiative. World Federation of Occupational Therapists Bulletin. 2018;74(1):52-57.

Thomas A, Lubarsky S, Durning S, & Young M. Knowledge syntheses in medical education: Demystifying scoping reviews. Academic Medicine. 2017;92(2):161-166.

Thomas A, *Han L, *Osler BP, *Turnbull EA, & Douglas E. Students’ attitudes and perceptions of teaching and assessment of evidence-based practice in an occupational therapy professional master’s curriculum: A mixed methods study. BioMed Central Medical Education. 2017;17(1):64-74.

Thomas A, Young ME, Mazer BL, Lubarsky SE, & Razack SI. Reliability and validity of multiple mini interviews for admissions to an occupational therapy professional program. British Journal of Occupational Therapy. 2017;80(9):558-567.

Young M, Thomas A, Varpio L, Razack S, Hanson M, Slade S, Dayem K, McKnight D. Facilitating admissions of diverse students: A 6 point, evidence-informed framework for pipeline and program development. Perspectives on Medical Education. 2017;6(2):82-90.

Figueiredo S, Mayo N, Thomas A. Future rehabilitation professionals' intentions to use self-management support: Helping students to help patients. Physiotherapy Canada. 2017;69(1):73-80.

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