Postdoctoral Fellows

Current Fellows:

Anita Slominska, PhD
2023 - present
Anita Slominska headshot

Anita Slominska is a qualitative health researcher with a PhD in Health Information Science from the University of Western Ontario (2022). Her dissertation explored waitlist death in liver transplantation, interweaving a personal narrative with exposition in the history of liver transplantation and scholarly inquiry on narrative and biomedicine and sociocultural constructions of illness and identity. Her current project investigates graft loss from the perspective of kidney transplant recipients to better comprehend and address strengths and limitations in current practices of care. She is interested in how narrative-based inquiry and analysis deepens insight into patients’ lived experience and enriches critical reflection and dialogue about best practices to support patients. At the IHSE, she is co-supervised by Dr. Anne Kinsella and Dr. Shaifali Sandal in the Department of Medicine.

Louis-Pierre Auger, PhD
2023 - Present
Louis-Pierre Auger headshot

Louis Pierre Auger is an occupational therapist (Université de Sherbrooke, 2013) and has worked as a clinician for more than five years in intensive functional rehabilitation with clients with neurological health conditions, especially individuals with stroke. He completed a master's degree (2019) and a doctorate (2023) in rehabilitation sciences at the Université de Montréal on the subjects of sexuality, neurology, knowledge translation and improvement of clinical practices. Mr. Auger is doing a postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Aliki Thomas at the Institute of Health Sciences Education and is interested in the sciences of education and the sciences of implementation in a university context, with the objective of improving Canadian university occupational therapy programs in relation to training about sexuality. Louis-Pierre is being supervised by Institute of Health Sciences Education Associate Member, Professor Aliki Thomas.

Allison Odger, PhD
2022 - Present
Allison Odger Headshot

Allison Odger received her PhD in Social Anthropology from York University in 2022. She is a medical anthropologist and her dissertation focused on entanglements of care, surveillance, and metrics in the sexual health landscape of Toronto. She has a background in the anthropology of the clinic, feminist anthropology, and ethnographic research methods. Dr. Odger’s current research interest include researcher reflexivity and the culture of health sciences education. She is being supervised by Institute of Health Sciences Education faculty member, Professor Yvonne Steinert.


Past Fellows:

Catherine Giroux, PhD
Supervisor: Aliki Thomas, PhD
Project title: Social media as a dissemination and knowledge translation strategy among health professions educators.

Dr. Sara Mortaz Hejri, MD, PhD
Supervisor: Yvonne Steinert, PhD
Project titles:
National Culture in International Faculty Development Programs: Influences and Consequences
Feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness potential of a novel faculty mentorship program
Faculty Developers’ Teaching Perspectives and Competencies: A Mixed-Methods Study

David Lemay, PhD
Supervisors: Yvonne Steinert, PhD & Aliki Thomas, PhD
Project title: Understanding Teaching Approaches in Clinical Supervision in Health Professions Education

Lerona Dana Lewis, PhD
Supervisor: Yvonne Steinert, PhD
Project title: Faculty Development and Culture

Mandip Basi, PhD
Supervisor: Yvonne Steinert, PhD
Project title: How Physicians Learn to Teach in Clinical Settings.

Claire Trottier, PhD

Kevin Chin, PhD
Project title: A Faculty Development Workshop on Narrative Medicine: Assessing the Impact on Teaching.




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