Annmarie Adams

ANNMARIE ADAMS, MArch, PhD, FRAIC, is jointly appointed in the Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture and the Faculty of Medicine. She holds the Stevenson Chair in the History and Philosophy of Science, including Medicine. She is currently Chair of the Department of Social Studies of Medicine.

Professor Adams research focuses on the relationship of medicine and design, including the architecture of medical education. She is the author of Architecture in the Family Way: Doctors, Houses, and Women, 1870-1900; Medicine by Design: The Architect and the Modern Hospital, 1893-1943; and Designing Women: Gender and the Architectural Profession (co-authored with Peta Tancred). She is currently writing a “spatial biography” of cardiologist and museum curator Maude Abbott, funded by SSHRC.

Her PhD advisees work on a range of topics exploring the social power of architecture: end-of-life architectures, architecture for Indigenous healthcare, the racist design of Indian Residential Schools, Montreal’s benevolent institutions for women, mobility and women architects, and Filipinas/house design/nationalism.

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