The next deadline for initial and final thesis submissions is April 15th.

For initial thesis submission, your myThesis status should be “Eval. Authorized by GPD” by midnight, April 15th.

This means your submissions was approved by the supervisor(s) and GPD.

Steps for Master's Students

Are you a Master's student preparing to submit your thesis? Please take note of these important considerations:

  1. You are encouraged to review the thesis submission process guidelines and FAQs prior to submitting the thesis.
  2. When submitting your initial thesis, please make sure that you have prepared and confirmed the following:
    Your thesis title must be no more than 240 characters. Capitalize nouns only (e.g., The politics of the Free Trade deal). Use words rather than symbols (e.g., carbon dioxide instead of CO2).
  • Thesis abstracts. Review your abstract(s) prior to your submission of your initial thesis. We encourage students to keep in mind the requirements for abstracts at the time of the final submission of the thesis on Minerva:
    They should be text only, i.e. no images, special characters (apart from the West European character set excluding the “Œ” and “œ”), chemical or mathematical formulae, or special formatting (e.g. lists, tables).
    Abstracts in English and French are mandatory in the final version of the thesis submitted through Minerva.
  • Thesis in PDF format. Your initial thesis should be submitted on myThesis in PDF format. The naming convention for the thesis file must be as follows:
    lastname_first name_unit name(can be abbreviated)_thesis.pdf
    e.g., LASTNAME_John_Electrical&ComputerEng(ECE)_thesis.pdf
  • A completed Initial Thesis Submission Checklist must be uploaded on myThesis as a supplemental document, with the initial thesis.
  • Other supplementary files (if required)

Click the button below to access myThesis:
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Student Guidelines

  • Step-by-step instructions for students.
    • The new process does not apply to theses being resubmitted after revision.
  • Watch our short 'Quick Tour' video for students below:

Supervisor Guidelines

Graduate Program Director (GPD) Guidelines

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