Final Thesis Regulations and Instructions

The final thesis submission is mandatory via Minerva. 

Final Thesis submission is required for the final, corrected copy of the thesis to GPS.  Please note: You can submit your final thesis at anytime, but a final thesis will NOT be considered submitted to GPS until it has been approved online by the supervisor(s). Students are strongly encouraged to upload their final theses for online supervisor approval well in advance of the Deadline for Submission of Final Copies; otherwise the final thesis may be approved too late for the intended date of graduation.

Required form with Final Thesis submission

The following form must be signed, scanned, and submitted to with your final Thesis submission.

McGill Thesis Non-Exclusive License Form

McGill Library and Archives Canada (LAC) consider graduate theses important sources of original research, and make theses available in electronic form. As a thesis student, you hold the copyright of your thesis. With your final thesis submission, you are required to sign one non-exclusive license. The McGill license permits McGill University to make your thesis available in electronic form through McGill’s repository. The McGill license with Library and Archives Canada permits your thesis to be visible and accessible by creating bibliographic records available through the Theses Canada Portal. For more information, please consult the Library and Archives Canada website.

Complete only ONE of these forms (either the English or French version) sign, and  include with your final thesis submission. 

Temporarily Withholding a Thesis from Circulation

There may be reasons why the student does not wish to have the thesis electronically published immediately following submission, e.g.: concerns about the disclosure of patentable rights. In order to withhold a thesis from circulation temporarily, a student must, with the endorsement of the supervisor, make a written request detailing the reasons to GPS no later than the final thesis submission. GPS may permit the thesis to be withheld from electronic publication for a period of up to one year. At the end of the approved period, the thesis will automatically be released to the libraries.

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