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Thesis deadlines

Theses may be submitted at any time. However, for each of the three annual dates for conferring degrees/convocation, there are deadlines for initial submission and for deposition of the final, corrected version of the thesis. Please note that some Units enforce earlier submission deadlines than those listed by GPS, so it is important that students verify these dates with their Units.

The following table provides general information on deadlines for initial submission, which determines registration status, and for final submission, which determines the date of graduation. For specific dates of initial and final submission, as well as other milestones such as oral exams, please refer to deadlines for graduation.

It is important to note that meeting the initial submission dates does not carry any guarantees regarding graduation. For thesis students, the final thesis deposition signals inclusion on the graduation list.

If there are any extenuating circumstances (i.e., deadlines for fellowships, visas, etc.) or if the student wishes to schedule the doctoral oral defence by a particular date, then the student must submit the thesis before the deadline dates with an explanatory letter.

Initial Submission Final Submission Additional Session Thesis Evaluation Graduation
Apr 16 – Aug 15 Aug 16 – Dec 15 Summer Fall February
Aug 16 – Dec 15 Dec 16 – Apr 15 Fall Winter June
Dec 16 – Apr 15 Apr 16 – Aug 15 Winter Summer October

Initial and Final Submission in the same term

Apr 16 – Aug 15 Apr 16 – Aug 15 Summer None October
Aug 16 – Dec 15 Aug 16 – Dec 15 Fall None February
Dec 16 – Apr 15 Dec 16 – Apr 15 Winter None June

NOTE: Should the deadline date (Aug 15, Dec 15, Apr 15) fall on a weekend or a holiday, the effective deadline date will be the next working day.

Registration status

  • In order to submit a thesis for examination, the student must be registered in the appropriate degree program. Registration for any given year expires on the last working day in August.
  • All students must be registered and pay fees for the term prior to degree granting. Students in thesis programs will maintain their current registration status (i.e. Full-time or Additional Session status) for the term in which the initial thesis is submitted. 
  • If the initial thesis submission and final thesis submission is not submitted in the same term, students in thesis programs will be registered in Thesis Evaluation status for all subsequent terms after the term of initial thesis submission until the term of final thesis submission, according to the table above.