Letters of Completion/PGWP

Once you submit your final thesis and it is supervisor approved, you can print or request the letters below. Note that your transcript will only reflect your graduation and a “P” grade for thesis courses (instead of IP) after Senate approval (in end October, February, or May, depending on the thesis deadline you are meeting).

Printing an “Expected graduation” letter from Minerva

Students can order a Minerva proof of enrolment letter bearing the notation “Awaiting senate approval, [student] is expected to graduate in [term].” GPS approval of the final thesis is not required for this letter.

  1. Log into Minerva
  2. Select the Student Menu
  3. Select the Student Records Menu
  4. Click Letters – Proof of Enrolment
  5. Select the appropriate term(s) and type of letter:
      1. From the Term and Status picklist, select the same academic term in which you are already flagged for graduation (ie. from the top right-hand corner of your Unofficial Transcript, the same term indicated next to your “Expected Graduation Term and Degree” message)
      2. Select Proof of Expected-to-Graduate Status
  6. Click Submit/Print
  7. The letter will open in a PDF file, which can then be printed or saved

International students only: Confirmation letter needed to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit

International students can obtain a customized letter for the purpose of obtaining immigration documents (e.g. Post-Graduate Work Permit).

  1. Go to Student Records' Forms
  2. Select Request for a Special Letter
  3. Log in to view the form.
  4. Select your academic department and the type of confirmation letter: “Final e-thesis letter – confirming completion of degree requirements (to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit)”
  5. On the following page, select one of the extenuating circumstances that require you to apply for the PGWP prior to the official degree granted date
  6. On the following page, add other comments (if any) and click Submit
  7. The letter (in PDF format) will be sent to your McGill email address within 5 to 7 business days from the date on which you have ordered.

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