Registering for Courses

How to register

  • Review your acceptance package and return all documents requested to Service Point reception desk, attention Management of Academic Records, Enrolment Services.

    • Be sure to submit all legal documents that could affect your tuition status.

  • Follow your academic unit's instructions to determine the list of courses for which you should register. In some cases, your unit will have invited you to an orientation / advising session, or informed you that courses should be selected after meeting with an adviser. In other cases, your unit will have prepared a list of courses for which you should register. 

  • Be sure to review the registration schedule.
  • Register on MINERVA. Minerva is McGill's web-based information system providing service to students, faculty, and staff. It allows students to register and make course changes on the web. Please read the instructions in every section carefully before registering, including all menu items in the left sidebar of the page.
  • Verify your address, telephone number, courses and fees on MINERVA.

Please note that students who are on Time Limitation, or who have outstanding holds or fees and fines from previous terms will not have access to registration or course changes. Please also note that successful completion of registration is contingent upon acceptable academic standing in the previous session.

For further information about registration, please see the registration section of the Graduate e-calendar and direct all inquiries to Service Point.

Course offerings

The University Course Calendar provides an exhaustive list of the courses that exist or that may be offered, while information about course offerings for the current or upcoming session can be found on Minerva in the Class Schedule section. In addition, many units publish detailed syllabi related to the courses being offered in the current or upcoming terms on their own websites. Having trouble finding what you're looking for? Contact your Graduate Program Director or Coordinator.

The McGill Writing Centre offers several 1-credit courses in academic and scholarly communication. Most of these courses form part of the Graphos program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Graphos courses cannot be counted toward the requirements of a graduate program (the sole exception being the non-thesis Master's program in Second Language Education, toward which only WCOM 642, WCOM 645, WCOM 661, WCOM 662 may be counted). Note: Since Graphos courses finish before the end of the full term, the standard add/drop and withdrawal dates do not apply. Before registering, please consult the Graphos website for more details about deadlines.

Registration policies & procedures

Students looking for information about course registration/withdrawal policies should refer to the Regulations section of the Graduate e-calendar. Among other things, this section includes information about the course change period and course withdrawal policies.

Graduate students enrolled in the McGill Writing Centre's Graphos courses should note that the courses have ~ 13 contact hours (typically 10 meetings of ~80 minutes per class meeting). Therefore, the standard add/drop and withdrawal dates do not apply. Please consult the Graphos website for more details.

Registering for full courses

To register for a course that is full, students must:

  1. Go to the academic unit offering the course to ask the professor or graduate coordinator if space can be made available for them to take the course
  2. If the academic unit allows the student to take the course the unit must increase the enrolment limit of the course
  3. Once that is done, the student can register for the course on Minerva.

Please note:  Some units may issue a capacity override (permit) to allow you to register for the course on Minerva.

Registering for undergraduate courses

To register for an undergraduate course (excl. School of Continuing Studies courses and courses offered by the French Language Centre), students must:

  1. Obtain approval from the academic unit offering the course; a permit override will be placed on your McGill record
  2. Submit a Request for Course Change Form

The Request for a Course Change Form will be sent to your academic unit. If the unit supports the request, then the unit will forward the request to the Management of Academic Records Office, Enrolment Services, along with the recommendation from the unit's Graduate Program Director (GPD).

    To register for undergraduate courses offered by the School of Continuing Studies, student must apply directly through the Continuing Studies website.

    To register for courses offered by the French Language Centre, students must:

    1. Obtain a permission memo from their academic unit
    2. Go directly to the French Language Centre with the permission memo
    3. The student will be given a Permit to Register themselves for the course via Minerva.

    Mandatory online academic integrity tutorial

    Graduate students must complete a mandatory online academic integrity tutorial, which may be accessed via Minerva (Student Menu > Academic Integrity Tutorial). New students must complete the tutorial within their first semester in order to prevent a Hold being placed on their record. Refer to registration deadlines for more details.


    It Takes All of Us - Sexual Violence Education Program

    Graduate students must also complete the mandatory online sexual violence education program, which can be accessed through myCourses. New students must complete the program within their first semester in order to prevent a Hold being placed on their record. Refer to the program overview for more details.

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