Test Your Knowledge

The FairPlay online resource guide explains what constitutes an offence and is designed to help you avoid cheating, plagiarism and other activities that can lead to censure, failure or expulsion from the University.


  • Since spring 2011, graduate students complete a mandatory online Academic Integrity Tutorial accessed through MINERVA's Student Menu.
  • Effective fall 2018, new undergraduatestudents must complete the online Academic Integrity Tutorial in MINERVA under the Student Menu.
  • NOTE: Prior to Fall 2018, undergraduate students had to complete the Tutorial in myCourses (found as course AAAA-100).
  • Failure to complete the Tutorial at both the graduate and undergraduate levels will result in a registration block for the following term. The block is automatically released the moment the Tutorial is completed in MINERVA.

This online tutorial has been reproduced here for your information, but the completion of this quiz does not fulfill the mandatory online academic integrity tutorial requirement. It was developed to test your knowledge and to reference common scenarios.




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